New Green Technology for Hydrogen Production

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Researcher Mohamed Halabi of Eindhoven University of Technology demonstrates a proof-of-concept for a new and clean technology to produce high purity hydrogen from natural gas.

This allows hydrogen to be produced in an elegant technique at much lower temperatures, and without releasing CO2 into the atmosphere.

Hydrogen is a valuable feedstock for the petrochemical industry and it may play a big role in the energy supply of the future, as a green, non-polluting, and efficient energy carrier. If it is burnt, only water is formed. However, the conventional technology for hydrogen production from natural gas (‘steam reforming’) is a highly energy intensive process, operated at high pressures (up to 25 bar) and high temperature (850 oC), with multistage subsequent separation and purification units. Moreover, huge amounts of CO2 have to be handled in post-processing steps.

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Source: Science Daily / University of Toronto

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