New Clean and Renewable Energy Source Open for Crowdfunding

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Embley Energy’s new crowdfunding campaign is the perfect opportunity for the general public and investors looking to support a revolutionary new, ethical and profitable energy solution.  The SPERBOY™ device has the ability to generate large amounts of energy through wave power and investors at this crowdfunding stage will become shareholders in this innovative technology.

No matter how large or small your investment you will be working with a cutting edge British design firm to support its quest for clean and sustainable energy generation.

Managing Director Michael Burrett, one of the minds behind SPERBOY™, is excited to offer people the chance to support this technology and disrupt our reliance on non-renewable energy sources:

“It is rare that an opportunity of this magnitude is open to the general public and smaller investors, generally being the domain of the large corporates and investors.”

The Earth is 71% ocean, as such, the potential energy that could be generated by waves is significant – yet there is currently no commercially viable opportunity to do so. Embley Energy is looking to change that!. Based on the results of initial prototypes and mathematical modelling the team predict SPERBOY™ will generate electricity at a competitive cost of 6.9 pence per kWhr

The SPERBOY™ device is based on an oscillating water column, and floats on the water using waves to create energy. Its ability to generate huge amounts of energy from waves that are moving day and night is unparalleled. Creating no pollutants and simple to operate, SPERBOY™ is an environmentally friendly method of creating energy.

With 20 years of expertise behind them, working with such eminent organisations as nPower, W.S. Atkins, The Hydraulics & Maritime Research Centre at University College Cork and Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden amongst many others, Embley Energy’s know-how and determination to succeed is the wave to ride.

Embley Energy’s industry knowledge has been recognised by organisations worldwide with many requesting contributions to their work. As such Embley Energy has supported many organisations including the United States Department of Energy, The Carbon Trust and Wave Hub.

Professor Donald Swift-Hook, an expert in the renewable sector and Director & Secretary to the Board of the World Renewable Energy Network had this to say about the company:

“Embley’s performance to date is outstanding.  Their modelling experiments, backed up by extensive computations, indicate that their generation costs will be as low as 6.9 pence, which matches the best results to date for other renewable energy resources such as wind and solar and is cheaper than coal, gas or oil generation and far cheaper than nuclear. ”

This funding round will move Embley Energy into its next phase of development. The capital raised will be used to fund a detailed SPERBOY™ design and specification, further wave tank trials, energy production projections and resulting cost of energy for a commercial prototype.

Embley Energy is catching the wave of renewable energy, taking a proven concept of technology and driving it further forward than anyone thought possible. Those who wish to invest in a cleaner future now have that chance – an opportunity that has not been available publicly before. Michael added :

“The harnessing of wave power is perhaps our next greatest challenge in the move to becoming a more sustainable planet. Waves are reliable: with Embley Energy’s unique SPERBOY™ concept that has been robustly validated projecting a commercially viable solution EEL’s founders have proved their commitment and tenacity during the tenure of this project and have laid solid foundations for its commercial exploitation.”

Invest now in the opportunity to progress wave energy generation. To read more about Embley Energy, their journey to create SPERBOY™, you can view the crowdfunding page here.

About Embley Energy

Engineers, technicians, and business people came together to form Embley Energy Limited, a company passionate about making waves for a cleaner future. The development of the device SPERBOY™ has been in motion for many years, and their vision to see renewable wave energy become cost-effective is driving them forward to seek investment for the next stage of development.