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Nedap announces cooperation with HOPPECKE to deliver a combined solution for residential power supply and energy storage

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Nedap announces cooperation with HOPPECKE to deliver a combined solution for residential power supply and energy storage.

Nedap’s PowerRouter, a solar inverter with integrated battery manager, is designed specifically for the optimization of the use of self-generated energy. Surplus energy is stored in batteries. At times when generated solar energy is not sufficient to supply the loads, the energy that is stored in batteries will be used to feed the loads. Now that Nedap and HOPPECKE have come to an agreement, a complete solution for energy storage with the PowerRouter is being facilitated.

Joep Thomassen, Managing Director of Nedap Energy Systems, says “For managing your own energy, battery storage is a necessity. Nedap’s PowerRouter combined with HOPPECKE’s state of the art battery solutions will allow the users to reduce their energy bill significantly by using their own energy at best.”

Michael Entrup, Managing Director BU Reserve Power, HOPPECKE: “In the PV market, we are recording a significant increase in demand for our energy storage solutions for optimization of direct consumption of photovoltaic energy. In particular, the effective battery storage system solar.power pack allows the storage of photovoltaic energy to be able to use it continuously. Our compact, modular energy storage solutions were specially designed for this segment. They are available in both, lead-acid and lithium-ion technologies, and already being used in many domestic and industrial applications.”

About Nedap

Nedap is a manufacturer of intelligent technology solutions for today’s challenges. Enough food for a growing population, clean drinking water around the entire world, and smart networks for sustainable energy are just some of the goals Nedap is working towards. Nedap has a continuous focus on technology that matters. The N.V. Nederlandsche Apparatenfabriek “Nedap” was founded in 1929, it has been listed on the stock exchange since 1947, and employs more than 680 staff worldwide.



Our energy for your success: To ensure the continuing success of our customers in the future, HOPPECKE has specialized in the development of new technology and services for the storage of energy. Today HOPPECKE is the largest manufacturer of industrial batteries, systems and chargers in European ownership. Since 1927 HOPPECKE has been developing and producing energy storage systems to German Quality Standard with the claim of standard quality worldwide. To date, many of the developments have led the way in the market for industrial batteries. The comprehensive range of storage batteries is complemented by the very latest charging methods and monitoring units to form complete systems. With this systems approach it is HOPPECKE’S aim, as a value-based, independent family enterprise, to continue our growth in the market for industrial battery systems, in terms of both quantity and quality. The family concern from the small town of Hoppecke in the German Sauerland region is able to look back on more than 80 years’ experience in the business of batteries. Over 1500 employees (half of them in Germany) generate on average annual rates of growth in double figures. With 16 subsidiary companies, and numerous branches, partners and distributors, production and assembly sites worldwide, HOPPECKE is a Global Player.


For more information:

Nedap Energy Systems

Roelfina van Zandwijk

T: +31 (0)544 471 897

E: press@powerrouter.com

I: www.PowerRouter.com

HOPPECKE Batterien GmbH & Co. KG

Mrs. Jana Yatsuk

T: +49 (0)2963 61-506

E: jana.yatsuk@hoppecke.com

I: www.hoppecke.com

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