Moog buys German wind turbine parts maker

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Moog Inc., continuing its push to become a bigger player in the wind energy market, has acquired the 60 percent stake in a German wind turbine components manufacturer that it doesn’t already own, the Elma aerospace company said

Moog paid nearly $31 million in cash and debt to acquire the

majority stake in LTi REEnergy GmbH, which makes motion control and

drive systems used on wind turbines. Moog paid $28 million in June 2008

to purchase a 40 percent stake in LTi.

Moog executives have

been drawn to the wind energy market because they see opportunities to

use the company’s motion control technology on issues facing turbine


Wind turbines have been getting bigger, now spanning as

much as 240-feet in diameter and capable of generating 1.5 megawatts of

electricity. That increasing size can create a challenge to control

motion on those turbines, Moog executives have said. “Our strategy is

to advance the design of the wind industry’s motion controls by

creating new, high-performance solutions, ranging from pitch control to

rotor monitoring,” said Steven Huckvale, the president of Moog’s

industrial systems business.

LTi had $136 million in sales

during the last 12 months. Moog expects LTi to contribute about $60

million in sales during the four months remaining in the company’s

fiscal year, which ends in late September.

Moog in January paid

$16 million to buy a 70 percent stake in Insensys Ltd., a British

company that makes components used in wind turbines. That deal expanded

the line of products that Moog makes for wind turbines, mainly

equipment that stops and shuts down the turbines and also regulates

their power output.

Insensys makes pitch control and rotor

blade monitoring systems. Pitch control systems adjust the angle of the

turbine’s blades to improve its efficiency and control its load.

Monitoring systems can extend the turbine’s life and reduce maintenance


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