Montérégie wind farm gets the green light

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The Quebec government said Tuesday it has approved a $300-million project to plant a wind farm – with 44 towering windmills – on agricultural land in the Montérégie region, just south of Montreal.

Each of the Enercon windmills will be equipped with a three-arm blade, reaching 139 metres into the sky.

The power towers, which are to feed into the Hydro-Québec electricity distribution network for at least the next two decades, will be erected on the outskirts of Mercier, St. Constant, St. Isidore, St. Rémi and St. Michel.

Almost half will be installed around St. Isidore.

The Montérégie project, known as Kémont and promoted by Kruger Energy, is expected to begin operating in December 2012. Construction will begin in August.

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