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Mitsubishi Electric completes largest single building roof installation in Italy

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Mitsubishi Electric has completed a 2,906kW PV installation for Coop's new CNNA-Prato logistic center in Prato, Italy

15,650 modules have now been installed on the warehouse roof, covering a surface of 21,000m2.

The system is expected to generate 3.2 million kWh per year, meeting the energy needs of the new logistic center with an estimated amount 500,000kWh of excess electricity to be distributed into the national grid network.

The installation is now the largest rooftop PV system on a single building in Italy. The system was specifically designed with the higher feed-in tariff rate for rooftop installations, compared to those on the ground, in mind. An 11kW system consisting of 60 PV modules has also been installed on the parking lot grounds.

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