Mesh-Net helps bring renewable energy to 100,000 locations

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Mesh-Net helps bring renewable energy to 100,000 location

Mesh-Net, a technology and product development company based at the CEME Innovation Centre in Rainham has developed a web application that monitors up to 100,000 solar energy installations.

The web app records how much energy solar panels produce and compares this with irradiance in the area. In the event that there is a discrepancy between how much energy has been produced and how much should have been produced, engineers can be dispatched quickly to rectify any potential problems. This service is much more cost effective for customers as it significantly limits the time that a problem goes undetected. Consequently, panels can begin producing energy again and selling excess energy back to the grid as soon as possible and maximising the FIT (Feed in Tariff) payments back to the customer.

The web app that Mesh-Net designed monitors installations on individual homes and large-scale solar farms, and is now entering its second phase of development. Mesh-Net is currently working on creating a mobile app, which will bring additional benefits to users. The new mobile app will go beyond solar and assist businesses in improving their over all energy performance.

Mesh-Net, which is moving into its fifth year of business, develops bespoke products and services for customers in a range of sectors uniquely based on specific requirements and needs. The company specialises in high quality remote data measurement, gathering and processing, in addition to offering electrical and systems expertise used bring concept product designs to life. Mesh-Net manages all aspects of product development, from conception to manufacturing.

Previously, Mesh-Net’s Managing Director, Inder Panesar, was the Technical Director of a company within Halma PLC before deciding he wanted to branch out and establish his own business. He comments: “As a business we strive to make innovative technology available to our clients, so it is a pleasure to work alongside a client that reflects these values. The work that we have carried out in the area of renewables means that even individual households will be able to reduce their energy costs and perhaps even make some money back from the grid.”


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