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Mecasolar to supply 186 MW of solar trackers to the Cobra Group

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4 April 2019.- Mecasolar, a company that specialises in the supply of fixed structures and trackers for photovoltaic projects, has announced an agreement with the Cobra Group for the supply of 186 MW of solar trackers for a new photovoltaic project to be built by the ACS subsidiary in Escatron, Zaragoza.

David Cortes, General Manager of Mecasolar, underlines the importance of the agreement reached with the Cobra Group and announces that “our objective is to exceed 500 MW of tracking systems supplied during the current financial year”. He considers that the key to success “is our commitment to the project, our engineers support the customer at every stage of the construction”. David Cortes has recently been appointed General Manager of Mecasolar. He has broad experience both in engineering and in manufacturing, supplying and installing renewable energy systems.

The trackers that will be supplied for the Cobra project in Escatron are the Hyperion SR single-axis model (horizontal single row). They are known for their ease of installation and the ability to increase the output power by up to 27% compared to fixed systems, depending on the latitude. “Their main advantages are the minimum amount of piles per MW, reduced maintenance, autonomous operation and adaptability to the terrain, all combined with a sophisticated design”, say Mecasolar.

During the last 15 years, Mecasolar has distributed its products in more than 45 countries and supplied more than 1,700 MW. The company’s products includes a wide range of fixed structures and trackers and was recently selected by the SolarQyarter APAC 2018 consultants as one of the TOP 7 brands in the manufacture of fixed structures and solar trackers.

For more information please visit: https://mecasolar.com

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