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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen Cape Wind Announce Settlement Agreement; Lawsuit Dropped

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EDGARTOWN, MA – The Martha’s Vineyard / Dukes County Fishermen’s Association (MVDCFA) and Jonathan Mayhew (together hereafter referred to as ‘Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen’) have dismissed their federal lawsuit and have entered into a Settlement Agreement with Cape Wind. The Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen and Cape Wind have agreed to work together to support sustainable local Island commercial fisheries and sustainable energy.

The Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen have agreed to support the Cape Wind project as a sustainable source of clean energy for the future and Cape Wind and the Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen together support a vibrant and sustainable local commercial fishing community on Martha’s Vineyard.

Cape Wind and the Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen have agreed to work together to establish a Martha’s Vineyard Permit Bank that will enable the purchase of commercial fishing permits for local commercial fishermen’s use and the promotion of ‘Vineyard wild-caught’ seafood.

MVDCFA President Warren Doty said, “We are glad to have found common ground. Now we can work together to make Cape Wind’s sustainable energy and a sustainable local fishery both happen.” Doty continued, “The establishment of the Martha’s Vineyard Permit Bank will help protect the livelihood of local fishermen and help ensure this vibrant fishery remains for future generations.”

Cape Wind and the Martha’s Vineyard fishermen will also work together to make sure Horseshoe Shoal remains open to fishing activities.

Cape Wind President Jim Gordon said, “Cape Wind and the Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen share the value of sustainability. Offshore clean energy can go hand in hand with a sustainable ocean ecosystem and sustainable fisheries.” Gordon added, “We see twenty years of studies in Europe that consistently show a beneficial artificial reef effect from the submerged foundations of offshore wind turbines and we expect the fishery on Horseshoe Shoal to improve.”

MVDCFA President Warren Doty said, “Sustainable fisheries and sustainable offshore clean energy need to work together collaboratively and share the ocean. We appreciate Cape Wind’s commitment to working to find ways to preserve our historic fisheries on Horseshoe Shoal.” Doty continued, “Responsible clean energy projects help preserve and enhance the oceans on which we all depend.” Studies have shown that fossil fuel emissions can contribute to warming ocean temperatures, acidification, and atmospheric deposition of nitrogen and mercury.

The Martha’s Vineyard Permit Bank will be administered under the auspices of the Permanent Endowment for Martha’s Vineyard. Cape Wind and the Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen will seek the support of governmental entities, non-governmental organizations, and the public for the Permit Bank.

Anyone interested in finding out more information or making a donation to the Martha’s Vineyard Permit Bank should contact Warren Doty at (508) 564-0150, or Wes Brighton at (617) 877-4157.

Cape Wind is America’s first offshore wind farm to secure Federal and State approval and to be issued a lease to operate by the Federal Government. Cape Wind will create jobs and promote greater energy independence and a cleaner environment. Cape Wind will also establish Massachusetts as a leader in offshore wind power. For more information visit: www.capewind.org.

Martha’s Vineyard/Dukes County Fishermen’s Association is an organization dedicated to representing the interests of commercial fishermen on Martha’s Vineyard and preserving fishing opportunities for the future.

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