LVestus Energy Raises $750M for Innovative Geothermal

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Funding from Sundance Capital Group, LLC provided through Bright Matter Energy Fund.

LVestus Energy, Inc, a newly created Portsmouth, New Hampshire company that provides utility-like delivery of green, GeoExchange energy through self-funded loop field installations, has secured an impressive US$750m in initial project funding from Sundance Capital Group, LLC. This first round of project capital, to be provided through SCG’s innovative Bright Matter Energy Fund, will be dedicated to the installation of geothermal loop fields – on-site underground structures that extract heat from the ground in the winter and reject heat in the summer.

“Given the recent price instability in the energy sector, municipalities, institutions and corporate customers are seeking energy alternatives that provide affordable, stable and predictable long-term energy costs” said SCG Chairman Michael Bowen. “We saw such an alternative in LVestus Energy, a company that is going to be a tremendously innovative player in the geothermal market. We wanted to offer our investors an opportunity to participate in what we expect to be a very successful venture.”

LVestus Chairman Andy Livingston said: “We are thrilled to receive this extraordinary level of confidence and financial commitment from SCG. The size of the initial commitment is indicative of the significant demand we have seen for our GeoTPA™ program. This now allows our commercial customer base to begin taking advantage one of the Earth’s most efficient, stable and eco-friendly heating and cooling methods, at a cost that is less than any other space conditioning methodology.”

Green, Geothermal Energy Most Cost-Effective

LVestus Energy’s patent-pending GeoTPA™ (Thermal Purchase Agreement) program makes green, geothermal energy the most cost-effective way to heat or cool a commercial facility. Municipalities, universities, schools, hospitals, building owners, property managers and developers can utilize this “zero” upfront capital outlay program to install the exterior loop field portion of a geothermal heating and cooling system (also known as Ground Source Heat Exchange), making the installation less expensive than competing fossil fuel installations.

Procuring geothermal heating and cooling through LVestus’ GeoTPA™ program provides a way to lock in heating and cooling costs for 15-25 years, while benefiting from the immediate savings versus today’s fossil fuels costs. Energy delivery prices are fixed in today’s money, providing a hedge against future fossil fuel price inflation.

If you’d like to learn more about LVestus Energy: please visit; email; or call 1-603-601-6925 x30.

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