Lifetime Recycling Village Project Would Create Over 700 Jobs

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Lifetime Recycling Village announces plans that would create over 700 permanent jobs in Scotland, which would equate to an estimated worth of £16.1 million in wages.

Commenting, Managing Director Neil Gallacher, said: “Long term unemployment is a massive problem in Scotland, which our plans will significantly help to tackle. Not only would our proposed Recycling Village and Visitor Centre address key environmental challenges and help us to meet ambitious landfill reduction targets, it would also give a direct boost to Scotland’s economy. “The long term impact of the Lifetime Recycling Village will be as beneficial to our national economy as it will be to the environment.”

The proposed project would create an estimated 328 permanent jobs on the recycling and renewable energy complex itself; while a further 390 permanent positions would be established as a direct result of its development. It is projected that over 3000 jobs would also be created in the construction industry to build it.

Driven by experienced Scottish business people, Lifetime Recycling Village proposes to build a sustainable recycling facility in Loganswell, East Renfrewshire. The site would re-use, recycle, recover and remanufacture 1.5 million tonnes of waste a year from across eleven local authority areas in the West of Scotland.

By combining the best innovative and green technologies, the project would go a long way in helping the Scottish Government to meet its landfill and carbon reduction targets – producing enough clean energy to power 100,000 homes and making carbon savings in Scotland of millions of tonnes annually.


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