Lifetime Recycling Village Invites Local Opinions as it Launches Landmark Renewables Project

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The proposed 104 megawatt Recycling Village would bring together three tried and tested sustainable technologies

Lifetime Recycling Village today is seeking local opinions as it announces its proposal to create Scotland’s first Recycling Village and Visitor Centre, which would take in 1.5 million tonnes of mixed waste a year, creating renewable energy whilst maximising recycling and eliminating the need for any future landfill. Located in Loganswell, West Central Scotland, the Recycling Village would create over 700 jobs and provide a much-needed, sustainable solution to Scotland’s waste problem.

Scotland currently sends enough waste to landfill every year to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool every ten minutes. The Lifetime Recycling Village team – established and driven by experienced East Renfrewshire businesspeople – recognised that in order to put a halt to this and stand any chance of meeting the Scottish Government’s target of ending landfill by 2017 or sooner, they should start working with the local community to take action now.

The proposed 104 megawatt Recycling Village would bring together three tried and tested sustainable technologies – advanced mechanical recycling, biomass gasification and plasma vitrification – to create a closed loop renewable energy facility. The UK Government approved and recognised the benefits of a comparable scheme in Peterborough last year, put forward by Green Energy Parks’ subsidiary, Peterborough Renewable Energy Ltd (PREL). The Lifetime Recycling Village team are working closely with Green Energy Parks as they develop their proposals, applying its proven model on a larger scale.

The Recycling Village and Visitor Centre would be located three miles away from the nearest built-up area and based on conversations with local people, would be designed to sit within the natural surroundings. Bringing millions of pounds of investment and providing an Education and Visitor Centre for the community, it would be a genuine asset.

The views of local people are incredibly important to Lifetime Recycling Village and an extensive programme of public meetings and consultations will begin in the New Year, when the team hopes to meet with members of the local community and answer any questions or concerns that individuals may have. The feedback received during consultation will then go on to shape any application that may be made.

Speaking today, Managing Director of Lifetime Recycling Village, Brian Kilgour said:

“There is no way that we can continue with the outdated practice of landfill if we stand any chance of meeting our renewable energy and recycling targets in Scotland – and indeed in the UK.

“We want to start discussions with the local community to work together and take a proactive step forward to address this problem responsibly and sustainably.

“As a local resident I care about this area, I care about our community and its environment and I am proud to work with local people to put forward proposals that will enhance both of these.”

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