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Feed-in Converter for Small Wind Turbines with Higher Performance and Safety.

SIEB & MEYER AG (Lüneburg) has expanded its feed-in converter series aeocon for small wind turbines. Available is now a higher performance class. The new aeocon 5000 will be presented for the first time at the exhibition HusumWind Energy.

The feed-in converter aeocon is designed especially for small wind turbines. These are more and more used in the private as well as the commercial sector, since they present an interesting solution for partially covering the energy demand there. All components required for operation are combined in a compact housing: rectifier, inverter incl. galvanic isolation and ballast circuit. Hence, the assembly and initial operation can be completed quickly and the required installation space is reduced considerably.

The aeocon 5000 comes with a grid feed-in power of 5 kW, which is more than in the already existing models 3600 and 4600. The newcomer also stands out for its increased braking power and thus greater operating safety. “The device allows better control of the wind power plant and at times of strong wind more power can be picked off”, says Michael Schulz, aeocon sales engineer at SIEB & MEYER.

Additionally to the more user-friendly software the new generation 5000 is also provided with a particularly compact but improved housing. On one hand the devices come with a higher protection class (IP54) which makes an operation in covered outdoor areas possible. On the other hand the connection area can be accessed more easily which makes the work of the engineer more comfortable.

The integrated galvanic isolation allows parallel connection of aeocon devices and thus three-phase wind turbines up to 15 kW can be equipped with the feed-in converters. By means of a Com-Box the feed-in converters of the generation 5000 can communicate with each other. In the event of an error they report the problem among each other and react accordingly.

Another novelty of the aeocon 5000 are the potential-free relay contacts for a higher-ranking control of handshake signals. Thus the control of the wind turbine is permanently “informed” of the operating status of the feed-in converter.

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