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Leading CPV Movers and Shakers discuss the future of CPV in 2010 and beyond

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The pioneering CPV developers and industry leaders will be meeting on February 2nd at the CPV Summit USA


The pioneering CPV developers and industry leaders will be meeting on February 2nd at the CPV Summit USA, as they form part of the Super Panel ‘The CPV Landscape – Today’s Numbers and Tomorrow’s Expectations.’

The key questions about the industry’s’ future to be discussed include:

Will the CPV industry meet the anticipated level of deployment in the next few years?

How will this industry keep moving through the economic crisis, the Spanish feed-in tariff cap and the drop in silicon prices?

What’s the long term goal for CPV?

The expert panelists will shed some new light on this subject which include SolFocus, Concentrix, Opel, Amonix, CPV Consortium, California Strategies & Former California Energy Commission Commissioner, University of California Berkeley and San Diego Gas and Electric.

The CPV industry might have expanded very rapidly but now it needs to come up with successful long-term demonstrations with current design technologies

The last couple of years have proved to be an eventful period for an emerging technology like CPV.

Even as the sector has witnessed introduction of several prototypes and commercial projects, it is being increasingly felt that the CPV technology companies currently need to prove their mettle. If on one hand, there is no doubt over the fact that the industry is on the brink of growth, on the other, the industry seems to be hindered by a number of internal and external technological and financial constraints.

These experts along with a host of other speakers, is scheduled to speak at the 2nd CPV Summit USA.

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