Latest DUNMORE Innovation Adds Unique Identifiers to Backsheet

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DUN-SOLAR ID technology protects solar module manufacturers' products from copying and imitation, reduces risk of malfunctioning and user injuries

BRISTOL, Pa., July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —

DUNMORE believes that protecting solar modules from copies and imitations is becoming increasingly important in the photovoltaics industry. To help distinguish between original products and knock-offs, DUNMORE introduced a new technology today at Intersolar North America that enables immediate module authentication.

The DUN-SOLAR ID technology tests a module for originality based on identity features embedded in the module’s backsheet. End users, traders, customs or manufacturers can check the authenticity of a module in a few seconds via a reading device. The reader detects the identity features in the backsheet and displays whether they match or not. As a further safeguard, backsheets also have serial numbers imprinted on them that can definitely prove their provenance – or identify them as knock-offs.

In photovoltaics, products undergo sophisticated tests to certify safety and quality. Counterfeit products are uncertified and therefore can lead to greater risk. With system voltages as high as 1000VCD, too little insulation can cause user injuries or cause the photovoltaics system to self-ignite.

“In every industry, producers of high-quality brands are exposed to the risk that deceptively real looking imitations and copies are offered for sale under their brand names. This is becoming a reality in the solar industry as well, however, the risks posed here can be more catastrophic,” said John Jordan, vice president at DUNMORE. “DUN-SOLAR ID is a ground-breaking innovation and a big step against product piracy in photovoltaics and towards product safety, quality and customer safety.”

The DUN-SOLAR ID technology is independent of the selection of raw material and has passed standard backsheet testing procedures such as partial discharge, damp heat, humidity frost, and UV. For more information or to see the DUN-SOLAR ID technology, visit DUNMORE at booth 5422 at Intersolar North America, July 12-14, 2011 in San Francisco, CA.

DUNMORE has offered brand authentication products for over 30 years with our tamper evident label face stocks. Currently, DUNMORE is a member of the North American Security Products Organization and formerly a member of the Brand Protection Alliance. Both organizations have a strong focus on ensuring brand integrity by preventing counterfeiting and piracy.


DUNMORE Corporation is a global supplier of engineered coated and laminated films. DUNMORE

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manufacturing. DUNMORE produces coated film, metallized film and laminating film substrates for the photovoltaic, graphic arts, packaging, aerospace, insulation, surfacing and fashion

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