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LP Achieves 7% of Total Generation from Wind Power

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All Five New Wind Turbines Now Operating!

Traverse City, Michigan) — Traverse City Light & Power (L&P) officially has seven percent of its total generation coming from wind, making the utility a leader in wind energy in the state of Michigan. L&P is purchasing all electric generation output, along with the renewable energy credits, from five new wind turbines with a total capacity of 10,000 kilowatts (kW) at Heritage Stoney Corners Wind Farm I. With all five turbines now operating and producing energy, L&P currently has the highest percentage of wind generation to total generation of any utility in Michigan.

“L&P is very pleased with the results and extra effort put forth by the Heritage Stoney Corners project team under the direction of Marty Lagina” said Ed Rice, L&P Executive Director. “With all five turbines coming online, L&P is well positioned to meet the state mandated renewable energy standard.”

According to L&P, the utilities’ renewable generation portfolio now consists of energy from the five new wind turbines in McBain, the wind turbine on M-72, and a downstate landfill gas contract. L&P has also recently announced plans to develop a community solar project.

L&P signed a contract in late 2009 to purchase the additional Stoney Corners wind generation to help meet the state-mandated legislation (Public Act 295) that requires all of Michigan’s electric utilities to provide 10% of electrical generation through renewable energy sources by 2015.

Traverse City Light & Power (www.tclp.org) is a community-owned, community-focused municipal utility that offers energy at low rates in the region to over 11,000 customers in Traverse City, and parts of Blair, East Bay, Elmwood, Garfield, Peninsula and Paradise townships.

Source: Traverse City Light & Power

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