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LL Energy, Inc. Enters New Energy Business Initiative in Beijing

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SEATTLE, Sept. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — L & L Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: “LLEN”) (“L&L” or the “Company”), a U.S.-based company with a track record of profitable energy (coal) operations in China, announces that it has reached a strategic agreement with the China Low-Carbon Industry Investment Center (“CLCIIC”), a China national investment platform approved by the China State Council, to jointly develop new energy initiatives in Beijing City, China’s national capitol.

China is one of the world’s largest energy markets and accounts for more than half of worldwide coal consumption. CLCIIC was created with support from the (China) National Development Bank, and the National Development and Reform Commission (“NDRC”). L&L is the first US company to partner with CLCIIC to help it to fulfill its mission of environmental protection and energy savings.

In particular, CLCIIC has invited L&L to build new energy projects using low-carbon & new energy technology on CLCIIC’s land located at an industrial park in Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province, approximately 30 miles from the center of Beijing City. One project plans to use advanced technology to convert waste and produce methanol blend gasoline. Other projects will address waste removal and incineration, sewage treatment, and the reduction of air pollution, in particular, the reduction of sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions in coal fired plants. In the future the flagship projects should be replicable to all 30 provinces in China. L&L used its wholly owned subsidiary, Repulse Bay Inc., to execute the Beijing agreement.

Managing Director of CLCIIC, Zhang ZouYu, commented, “I’m very pleased to work with L&L Energy, an outstanding US energy company with a fully committed management team to start this Beijing project.” Mr. Zhang continued, “L&L’s in-Chinaexperience will be critical to ensure a smooth operational jump start into our new and clean energy initiatives in Beijing. L&L can also help recruit additional US energy companies to help balance environmental protection, while meeting China’sgrowing energy needs.”

Dickson Lee, CEO of L&L Energy, Inc., commented: “With our hard work and preparation since 2012, and the recent opening of our Beijing office in 2013, we are excited to enter this partnership with CLCIIC, an energy investment arm of the China State Council. Together we will start our clean energy business in North China, while L&L also maintains its traditional energy (coal) operations in South China. We look forward to having profitable Beijing operations in the future.”

Learn more about CLCIIC at http://www.zgdtcy.com.cn/

About L&L Energy, Inc.

L&L Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: LLEN) (“L&L Energy” or “the Company”) is an American company engaged in producing, processing and selling coal in the People’s Republic of China. Its vertically-integrated operations include mining, washing, wholesale, and distribution. The Company is incorporated in the State of Nevada with its US corporate office located in Seattle, Washington. L&L Energy’s China headquarters is located in Beijing with additional offices Kunming and Guiyan. L&L Energy is a member of the American Coal Council, one of the country’s largest coal trade associations representing the business interests of the American coal industry.

Caution Regarding Forward Looking Statements

The release contains statements related to Company’s future performance and is within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements may involve uncertainties and actual results of the future events described in this release could differ materially. Other than as required under the securities laws, the Company does not assume a duty to update these forward looking statements.

SOURCE L & L Energy, Inc.

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