Keppel officially opens Singapore’s newest Waste-to-Energy plant

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Officiating the opening of the Keppel Seghers Tuas WTE Plant today was Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Mr Teo Chee Hean.

Keppel Integrated Engineering Ltd (KIE), the environmental technology and engineering arm of Keppel Corporation Limited, officially opened Singapore’s newest Waste-to-Energy (WTE) plant, the first to be built under the National Environment Agency (NEA)’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP) initiative.

Officiating the opening of the Keppel Seghers Tuas WTE Plant today was Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Mr Teo Chee Hean. Other dignitaries present included Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Dr Yaacob Ibrahim.

The Keppel Seghers Tuas WTE Plant has the capacity to treat 800 tonnes of solid waste a day to generate more than 20MW of green energy, contributing to Singapore’s electricity supply. It is the first incineration plant in Singapore to showcase WTE technology from a local company, and also one of the most compact WTE plants in the world.

KIE, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Keppel Seghers Engineering Singapore Pte Ltd (Keppel Seghers), designed and built the WTE plant incorporating Keppel Seghers’ combustion grate and flue gas cleaning proprietary technologies, and will operate and maintain the plant for 25 years under a contract awarded by the NEA.

Together with the Senoko WTE Plant, which Keppel Seghers also operates, Keppel will treat close to half of Singapore’s incinerable waste.

Both the WTE plants and the Keppel Seghers Ulu Pandan NEWater Plant form the initial portfolio of K-Green Trust which was listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange yesterday.

Mr Michael Chia, Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of KIE, said, “Occupying only 1.6 hectares, the Keppel Seghers WTE Plant is designed to effectively support NEA’s aim of building a sustainable quality environment in land-scarce Singapore, incorporating many space-saving and technologically advanced features.”

Next milestone in water solutions with Memstill demonstration plant

During the opening ceremony, Keppel also announced that research on Memstill1 by the Keppel Environmental Technology Centre (KETC) is entering the next milestone in technology implementation with the design, construction, and operation of a demonstration plant.

The plant, to be built on Singapore Refining Company’s petroleum refinery located on Jurong Island, will have a freshwater production capacity of 100m3/day.

Developed further by the KETC, Memstill is a new technology that produces desalinated water using waste heat and membrane-based distillation. Therefore, Memstill technology can be considered environmentally friendly.

Mr Chia added, “Our commitment to being a significant and long-term partner of the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources and its statutory boards extends beyond waste management. I am pleased to announce that with the support of the Environment and Water Industry Programme Office, PUB and EDB through the TechPioneer grant, we will be taking a big stride in our water solutions with the construction of a Memstill demonstration plant located on Jurong Island during the fourth quarter this year.”

The KETC is a R&D centre that KIE set up in 2007 to initiate, manage and conduct R&D, product development, engineering process improvement, project management improvement and knowledge management activities within the KIE Group.

1 Licensed from Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek or the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)

About Keppel Integrated Engineering Limited (KIE)

KIE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel Corporation Limited.

The Keppel Seghers group of companies (Keppel Seghers Group), which are owned by KIE, are leading providers of comprehensive environmental solutions ranging from consultancy, design and engineering, technology and construction to operations and maintenance of facilities. Its advanced technology solutions address a wide spectrum of environmental issues such as solid waste, wastewater, drinking & process water, biosolids & sludge.

Keppel Seghers Group has an established track record of involvement in waste-to-energy (WTE) projects in Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific for more than 40 years. In water treatment, Keppel Seghers Group has more than 30 years of experience, having implemented more than 350 water and wastewater treatment projects to date.

Currently, Keppel Seghers Group is the only private operator of WTE plants in Singapore. Operating two out of four WTE plants in Singapore, Keppel Seghers Group treats almost half of Singapore’s waste that is sent for incineration.

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