KEMPER to present new trackers at the Intersolar 2011 trade fair

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• Further development on trackers with effective drive systems

• Lower system costs, higher quality

• Simpler plant control via Internet

Vreden/Munich, April 19, 2011 – More lightweight, versatile and efficient, KEMPER Solar GmbH has given its KemTRACK dualaxis trackers a complete facelift for improved control and stability in plants with module surface areas from 70 m2 to 120 m2. The new models come at attractive prices due to largely automated manufacturing using welding robots together with reductions in material consumption. Each tracker centres on a central supporting
tube with an integrated elevation drive at its core, optimising force distribution over the tracker’s whole surface area. KEMPER will be launching its new products at booth 137, hall C4 as well as at booth 280 on the open area at the Intersolar trade fair from June 8 to 10, 2011.

Decreasing subsidies will increase the importance of cost optimisation and efficiency in product construction for solar power plants,” said Björn Kemper, KEMPER GmbH CEO. “We’ve taken the issue by the horns with further development on our tracker systems.” KEMPER draws on decades of experience in metalworking. Adjustments in the design have reduced the amount of materials needed in manufacturing while reducing the weight of the whole system, and largely automated manufacturing processes using welding robots ensure excellent quality, increased precision and stability – even at high output – with the customer benefitting directly from the resulting cost reductions.

urther development on the KemTRACK series has made the system more versatile in system layout as modules can be fitted either along or across the tracker. The increase in versatility comes with more choice in relay layout as well as the number and design size of the modules. “The module surfaces are generally growing in width rather than height; the height cuts reduce overshadowing of the trackers, allowing more space efficiency in running tracked solar plants,” said Alexander Lenfers, COO of KEMPER Solar.

Backtracking is a feature that almost completely eliminates the problem of modules overshadowing each other in low sun conditions; each tracker is equipped with its own control unit that determines the sun’s current position according to astronomical data, and calculates the module’s optimum angle to the sun. Depending on location, this can increase electrical output by more than 40% compared to conventional fixed installations. Since each elevation drive is integrated into the central supporting tube, the tracker can swivel completely to the east or west without any change in azimuth – a principle that presents substantial benefits in regions near the equator.

The new Internet-based tracker control system developed together with Siemens uses astronomical data. “This Internet-based solution means that you can easily monitor our trackers on your PC – or your smartphone if you’re on the go – from anywhere in the world,” said Lenfers. “This accessibility makes it a lot easier to manage trackers – and entire solar parks.”

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KEMPER GmbH is a plant engineering company based in Vreden, Germany. The company’s portfolio includes the following: welding, cutting, automation, and solar energy solutions; vacuum and filter units; cutting tables for metalworking; extraction systems for the electronics and automobile industries; an automated storage and retrieval system; a tracking system for photovoltaic systems; welding protection products, respiratory protection systems; and accessories, maintenance and servicing.

KEMPER, who is the world market leader for vacuum and filter units, was founded in 1977 and now has 285 employees. In addition to its main office in Vreden, KEMPER maintains production locations in Shanghai and Prague. The company is also represented by eight branch offices and numerous trade partners.

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