KACO NEW ENERGY has produced over 2GW of PV inverters

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KACO new energy surpasses 2GW of global inverter production .

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. [WorldofRenewables.com]

KACO new energy is the world’s second largest inverter manufacturer; with over 2GW of PV inverters in the field to date.

KACO new energy is excited to announce that they have shipped over 650 MW of PV inverters within the first 6 months of 2010. This has pushed the company’s overall production of PV inverters to over 2 GW of sold inverters worldwide. Market forecasts world wide confirm and KACO is expecting this exponential growth to continue throughout 2010 into 2011.

KACO’s production capacities are currently fully utilized in order to meet the high demand on the PV inverter market. World wide growth in the Americas and other countries has spurred this increased demand for KACO inverters. The goal is to close the year of 2010 with over 1500 MW of inverters sold. “We are making full use of our inverter production capacities” says President Ralf Hofmann: “We are in an excellent position to reach our ambitious goal in 2010.”

In order to facilitate the expansion of the KACO brand and penetration levels in the Americas KACO plans to launch the first generation of blueplanet transformerless inverters in 2010. The 6400xi and 7600xi will be available to installers as soon as CEC testing is complete. Definitive release dates will be announced soon. These inverters will maximize KACO’s flexibility in the American markets and provide installers with a host of niche uses with all the features of the widely popular 02xi blueplanet inverters series. Installers who are excited to use DC – DC maximizers will love the 00xi series which has been specifically tailored for use with any DC – DC maximization technology. There are a few solar modules uniquely complimentary to the 00xi series without the use of the DC – DC technology. For more information about this technology email KACO today at marketing@kaco-newenergy.com.

Stop by the KACO booth at Solar Power International (booth #1501) to learn more about the production plans and to see the 6400xi and 7600xi inverters.


A powerful partner for PV system solutions, KACO new energy has built a tradition of excellence in the photovoltaic inverter and power electronics industries. Our German-based factory engineers have been developing, designing and manufacturing current inverters and power electronics for more than 60 years.

The KACO blueplanet product family has set new standards in photovoltaic applications – particularly in reliability, efficiency, power density, and patented technology to meet NEC requirements. As the heart of your photovoltaic installation, your KACO inverter pumps electricity into the public grid continuously and efficiently. The efficiency of the KACO blueplanet inverters will earn you money and a solid return on your solar investment.

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Stay tuned and visit KACO’s booth at the Solar Power show in Anaheim October 12th -14th booth #1501.

Additional information about KACO is available at www.kaco-newenergy.com.

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