KACO NEW ENERGY announces Canadian production facility

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KACO to produce blueplanet inverters in North America.


KACO new energy, the world’s second largest inverter manufacturer – with over 2GW of PV inverters in the field to date – will begin full-scale production of the blueplanet inverter line in London, Ontario, Canada.

KACO new energy will open its first manufacturing facility in North America in the City of London’s Skyway Industrial Park. KACO will roll out the XP series 83 kW and 100 kW blueplanet inverters built at this facility in Ontario, Canada by November 2010. This development will ensure KACO will provide Canadian and American markets with the popular XP central inverter line before the start of 2011. “We are very pleased by the welcome and support we have received from the City of London and the London Economic Development Corporation”, said Peter Flachsmann, CEO of KACO new energy, Inc. “We strongly believe in Ontario’s Green Energy Act FIT and microFIT programs and are looking forward to expanding our business in Canada. Ontario offers very competitive conditions for development and production internationally, and London offers a highly skilled and competent workforce.”

The inverters produced at this facility will solidify KACO new energy as a leader in the Ontario marketplace and make certain the blueplanet inverter line is complaint with stringent Ontario Power Authority (OPA) requirements for domestically sourced content. This will provide installers across the province access to the central XP and residential 02xi blueplanet inverter series produced in the province.

The new state of the art facility will employ energy saving measures to ensure that KACO maintains adherence to the KACO net zero emissions production strategy. This production method insists that the blueplanet inverters be produced in the most carbon neutral manner possible.

At least 50 full time employees will be hired to operate the 25,000 sq. foot facility by the end of 2010. KACO plans to expand the facility to over 40,000 sq. feet in 2011 to accommodate the production of new inverter models. “The KACO investment demonstrates strong confidence and commitment to our community,” says Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best. “We warmly welcome the company and know it will be successful establishing its operations in London.”

Recently KACO new energy Group announced that the company has delivered more than 2GW of PV inverters to their customer’s world wide. To facilitate a continuation of this exponential production growth KACO expects to produce an additional 330 MW of blueplanet inverters in calendar year 2011 at the London, Ontario facility. This additional production will help KACO maintain a leadership position as one of the most reliable and immediate providers of PV inverters. This additional capacity will help to guarantee that KACO will meet previously announced goals of over 3 GW of worldwide inverter production in 2011.

The complete 02xi inverter series including the 1502xi, 2502xi, 3502xi and 5002xi inverters will be available from the London facility by January 1st, 2011. The KACO team in the US is excited about this development and has already begun spreading the word to existing KACO partners. KACO Canadian Regional Sales Manager John Hewetson has expressed that “this development puts KACO squarely in the position to capture a large portion of the growing Ontario FIT and microFIT market.” Mr. Hewetson is now pleased to offer OPA compliant inverters for the Ontario as well as North and South American markets. Peter White, President and CEO of the London Economic Development Corporation indicated, “London’s reputation as a strong manufacturing center with exceptional research institutes, education facilities and a talented workforce continues to attract top global companies to our community. It has been a pleasure working with KACO executives to support their investment in London and we look forward to continuing to work with them to facilitate their growth in Canada.”

For more information about this release contact marketing@kaco-newenergy.com.


A powerful partner for PV system solutions, KACO new energy has built a tradition of excellence in the photovoltaic inverter and power electronics industries. Our German-based factory engineers have been developing, designing and manufacturing current inverters and power electronics for more than 60 years.

The KACO blueplanet product family has set new standards in photovoltaic applications – particularly in reliability, efficiency, power density, and patented technology to meet NEC requirements. As the heart of your photovoltaic installation, your KACO inverter pumps electricity into the public grid continuously and efficiently. The efficiency of the KACO blueplanet inverters will earn you money and a solid return on your solar investment.

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