JA Solar produces 18.3% efficient multicrystalline PV cell

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JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd. (Shanghai) has achieved an 18.3% efficiency with its multicrystalline silicon solar photovoltaic (PV) cells, as independently verified by the Yangzhou Opto-Electrical Products Testing Institute (Yangzhou, China).

The company says that this is the highest efficiency verified for a 156×156 mm multicrystalline silicon PV cell, and follows on its progress in high-crystal quality, low dislocation density multi-Si casing and wafering. JA Solar plans to integrate the new technology into existing manufacturing lines.

“This latest advance is a real testament to the exceptional R&D work going on at JA Solar, and another key step in our efforts to meet the growing demand for high-performance solar power products,” said JA Solar Chief Technology Officer Yong Liu.

“The superior conversion efficiency we’ve achieved with our multi-Si cells and the rest of our product offering creates significant value for customers as it increases power generated per square foot and lowers installation cost per watt.”

Source: JA Solar

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