Interplex Introduces New Solar Cell Receiver Package

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New solar cell package design for Concentrator Solar Photovoltaic Devices (CPV)

College Point, NY []

Interplex Engineered Products (IEP), a turnkey, vertically integrated world-class supplier of application specific thermoplastic Electronic Packages and a division of Interplex Industries, Inc., has introduced a new solar cell package design for Concentrator Solar Photovoltaic Devices (CPV) now available from suppliers of Compound Semiconductors and for use by manufacturers, system developers and chip makers requiring high performance, high efficiency interfacing for their CPV cells.

The package design incorporates the Interplex unique, patented, Dual Lead-frame Design which integrates a thick copper base (heat sink) with a standard lead-frame structure in a high temperature LCP Thermoplastic enclosure. This ensures excellent heat transfer from cell to heat sink via the copper lead-frame in order to support increased cell efficiency. The design of the package allows for flexible secondary optics mounting, suiting the varied and different module designs that CPV system manufacturers are now considering. It is also designed to have inexpensive interconnect spade terminals for low cost integration of cell systems enabling a lower total cost of assembled receiver due to simplified assembly operations.

These packages offer significant advantages compared to the alternative methods of component assembly utilizing Direct Bond Copper (DBC) ceramic substrates or Insulated Metal substrates (IMS).

Thermal management is built in, secondary optics are easily mounted and isolation between cell and system housing can be achieved very simply with a variety of materials. Furthermore, a packaged cell device allows easier and safer handling, quicker assembly and test of the system as well as simpler repair and replacement, making the designs more future proof as better cell designs and efficiencies are developed.

“IEP’s solar cell package design is one of the first available that offers a user friendly solution for the component user as well as the device supplier,” said Andy Longford, IEP’s technical support consultant for Europe. Mr. Longford is also the chair of the European SEMI Advanced Packaging Committee. “This unique package development offers manufacturers and users of Photosensing and power LED devices a robust, thermally-enhanced housing for their components coupled with simple interface connectors. This is an ideal, low cost option for both sample testing and production applications.”

The packages are available as detailed or can be easily customized to suit different interconnections, optics or component sizes.

Founded in 1958, Interplex Industries, Inc. is headquartered in College Point, NY. The company continues to expand its technology and capabilities in the areas of product design and application development services, metal etching, prototyping, tool design and build, precision metal stamping, die casting, precision machining, plating and finishing, insert and injection molding, assembly and full scale automation services around the world. Interplex currently provides its services to the communications, electronics, industrial, medical and automotive markets and has facilities in the United States, Mexico, China, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Korea, Scotland, France, Germany and Hungary.

Source: Interplex

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