A viable transmission tariff mechanism, prescribing uniform grid connectivity standards and putting in place renewable energy certificates will contribute to the growth of renewable energy generation plants, according to Mr R.N. Nayak, Executive Director,

Addressing Wind India 2008, a two-day conference and exhibition on


wind energy, a viable tariff mechanism is needed to facilitate

transmission of wind energy. The infirm nature of wind power because of

unpredictability is a concern for grid managers as voltage collapse is

the most common cause for grid failure.

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission has circulated a

discussion paper for promotion of cogeneration and renewable energy,

which offers various options to address the cost of transmission. The

industry should give its inputs on this discussion paper, he said.

Tradeable renewable energy certificates, expanding the basket of

renewable energy sources so there is an alternative when one or the

other is not available, introduction of storage technology for power

from wind would also help to integrate with the existing system, he


Mr G.M. Pillai, Director General, World Institute of Sustainable

Energy, Pune, the conference organiser, said that the institute has put

together a draft renewable energy law after wide consultation. The

draft is under the consideration of the Government. This would

specifically address issues relating to the renewable energy sector and

build on the Electricity Act 2003.

The proposed law envisages creation of a ‘national renewable energy

council’ to strengthen the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy,

promote grid connection, biofuels and transportation by mandating a

renewable fuel policy, hydrogen fuel cells and renewable energy


Renewable energy is no longer a ‘peripheral power’ but would soon be

in the mainstream when viewed against the back drop of depleting fossil

fuels, cost and environmental impact, he said.

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