Incheon International Airport achieves Level 3 Airport Carbon Accreditation certification

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Airport Carbon Accreditation has 4 available levels of certification and Incheon Airport has succeeded in achieving level 3, Optimisation.

Incheon, Korea, April 3rd, 2014 — Incheon International Airport Corporation (Acting President & CEO, Hong-Yeol Choi) has revealed that Incheon International Airport has become the first airport in Korea to achieve certification by the international carbon standard Airport Carbon Accreditation.

Airport Carbon Accreditation has 4 available levels of certification and Incheon Airport has succeeded in achieving level 3, Optimisation. The highest level attained by Asia-Pacific airports so far as no airport in the Asia-Pacific region has yet reached the ultimate level of Neutrality which requires offsetting of remaining emissions.

This certification specifically recognizes the efforts undertaken by Incheon Airport to map the CO2 emissions on the platform, to reduce the CO2 emissions under its control and to engage with its partners on the airport site to implement plans to address their own carbon emissions as well.

In order to earn Level 3 certification, Incheon International Airport Corporation developed a clear strategy based on far-reaching environmental efforts, which included the establishment and implementation of “action to reduce carbon.” These actions include the following: signing agreements on the voluntary reduction of energy and greenhouse gases with companies that operate in the airport; introducing LED lighting, and photovoltaic and geothermal generation facilities; operating low-carbon aircraft parking ramps; operating hydrogen fuel cell-powered buses and minimizing of taxi-ing distances for aircraft; constructing eco-friendly transportation facilities through the introduction of electric vehicles, bicycle routes and magnetic levitation trains.

Incheon Airport is set to receive its Airport Carbon Accreditation certificate at the ACI World/Asia-Pacific General Assembly, which is to be hosted by Incheon International Airport Corporation on 27 May. As such, the corporation will be promoting its efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and to promote energy efficiency to other airports in Korea. Incheon Airport will also play a major role in implementing a national strategy that will be aimed at creating a clean and sustainable environment.

Airport Carbon Accreditation is a voluntary, annual certification programme. Going forward, the airport plans to maintain its Airport Carbon Accreditation Level 3 certification by using new and renewable energy and high efficiency equipment for additional construction at the airport, and by expanding its photovoltaic generation facilities in order to constantly reduce the carbon emissions that stem from operating the airport. With this certification, Incheon Airport is being recognized as one of a new breed of low-carbon, eco-efficient and environmentally aware airports.