Ideematec develops the fixedTilt Pi, a solution to meet higher market requirements on large-scale facilities

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Wallerfing, 07.03.2012 – Ideematec Deutschland GmbH has made further developments to its service-proven fixed tilt mounting solution for open-ground facilities. With a 10% saving in installation time and 20% reduction in costs compared to the previous model, the new fixedTilt “Pi” meets the higher standards customers now expect from racking systems.

The new solution is made completely from S235 and S355 roll-formed steel – and is therefore much cheaper. The module rail in “Pi-design”, hence the name, has special strip-coating and enables virtually endless rack lengths to be constructed with maximum spacing between supports. This reduces the costs of facility construction even more.

Optimized design features

In addition to benefits in terms of price, the fixedTilt “Pi” also offers genuine improvements in terms of design as well. The modules can now be mounted strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, meaning that warranty requirements are always met.

This is made possible by an innovative rail system with a patented infinitely adjustable holder for both the upright and horizontal arrangement of the modules. When it comes to the foundations, the larger area of the newly developed Z-shaped post helps transfer force to the ground more effectively. This means that the system holds more firmly, especially in soft ground.

Rivet fasteners combine time savings with protection against theft

The new means of fastening the modules by riveting not only saves a lot of time, it also provides more effective protection against theft at the same time. Standard commercially available module clamps can also be used optionally for crystalline and thin-film modules as well.

Services with project-specific production

“By optimizing the economic aspects of the fixedTilt “Pi” at a time when module prices are continuing to come down, our aim is to provide our customers with even more support to help them stay competitive in the highly competitive segment of open-ground facilities,” explains Axel Hartung, Sales Manager at Ideematec. “At the same time our partners can naturally also count on our complete package of service.

For the new system this means not just support with the planning of the facility and site layout, but project-specific engineering of profile rails as well, for example.”