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Hydrogen fuel enrichment

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Independent validation of test results.

Acta, the clean energy products company, announced at the time of the Company’s preliminary results on 25 March 2010 that its “onboard” hydrogen fuel enrichment system for diesel trucks and cars was undergoing an independent testing programme. The Company is pleased to announce that the results from this programme were extremely positive. Under strict bench test conditions using a new 7.2-litre diesel engine Volvo truck, the system achieved a significant reduction in fuel consumption, equivalent to an average 17% net fuel saving, by use of Acta’s fuel enrichment system.

The Company has developed its hydrogen enrichment system for diesel fuel, based upon its unique water electrolyser technology. Fuel enrichment with hydrogen promotes the cleaner and more efficient burning of diesel fuel, resulting in higher power output, lower fuel consumption, and lower particulate emissions.

The tests took place in Verona at Car Diesel S.p.A., one of the largest independent test centres for fuel consumption and engine performance in Northern Italy. A new Volvo earth mover truck, fitted with a 7.2-litre capacity, 280HP engine (D7E280), compliant with Euro 5 emission standards, was tested at 80% of its power with hydrogen gas injected to enrich the fuel, and the fuel consumption was compared to the same test conditions without hydrogen injection. The Company estimates that the reduction achieved in consumption represents a net fuel saving of over €6,000 per annum for an average long-distance HGV, which would represent a payback period of only six months, based upon Acta’s anticipated commercial pricing for this system. These results are an important technical validation of the data obtained by the Company in its own laboratory, in a previous independent engine performance test, and in road tests.

Current systems for hydrogen fuel enrichment are generally based on liquid alkaline electrolyser technology, which the Company believes to produce lower-grade hydrogen contaminated with water and potassium hydroxide, contaminants that are potentially damaging to the engine. Acta’s system is free of such contaminants, producing clean, dry hydrogen at higher purity and higher system efficiency. Furthermore, the water for refilling the system is the same as that used for car batteries and can be purchased at any petrol station. The Board believes that this advanced technology system is more compact, safer, simpler, and lower cost than current hydrogen fuel enrichment systems, which, for the first time, will make such a system technically and commercially viable in motor vehicle applications.

Paolo Bert, Chief Executive, commented: “The excellent test results and the evident commercial potential of our hydrogen fuel enrichment system is extremely encouraging. We believe that our system will allow diesel vehicle operators to save money, reduce fuel consumption and lower their emissions. We expect to complete product development, including the electronic control system, over the next six months, with commercial launch to the after-sales market by the end of 2010. We anticipate significant demand for the product, once launched, selling into a market that we estimate to be worth in the region of €8 billion, while promoting significant environmental and economic benefits.”

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