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Historical Akdamar Island and Akdamar Church will be illuminated by Ezinc Project Every Night

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Akdamar Island and historical Akdamar church is located VAN, which has very good sunshine area in Middle of Anatolia.

Estern Anatolia Development Agency had invitation for bids and Ezinc completed bids very successfully. Ezinc was signed its name “The biggest Solar Illumination Project in Turkey” once again.

Leader solar components manufacturer Ezinc was achieved to illuminate historical Akdamar Church in Van. This project is very important for Turkey as project is the biggest Solar Illumination project in Turkey.

Before this project, Akdamar island was illuminated with generator as working 3 hours daily and this generator is operation with diesel. Cost for illumination was nearly 25.000 Euros annually with generator. Ezinc is aiming to produce 25.000 KWh energy annually with this project. Also, payback period is very short such a big system, it is only 3 years.

Ezinc Metal A.S. General manager Mr. Hakan Alas mentioned that “ After installing this system we will need only sunshine and our country is very advantage about that raw material. There will be very big ceremony in the Akdamar Church on 19th September 2010. Armenian and Turkish presidents will be there for this ceremony, so we worked very self-sacrificing to completed project and we completed within 25 days. We are very proud of for completing this project with satisfactorily.”

Van has the 3. highest solar radiaton city in Turkey so in the ancient time Van is named “Tusba” which is meaning “ Sun City”. City has over 1.100 years old and during 90 years there weren’t any ceremony in Akadamar Church. Church will has Ceremony this year after 90 years. Starting from 19th September 2010 there will be ceremony in Akdamar island once a year. So, Akdamar island and Akdamar church are important cultural places for Van.

Ezinc is very glad to being important part of this project. It is really important project for keeping historical place and environment together with renewable energy. Ezinc believe that it will be sample for other cities of Turkey and they will adapt renewable energy in historical places easily. Ezinc demonstrate that its leader position in every part of solar energy one more time with Akdamar project. Now, all Ezinc staffs, managers and technicians are very glad to support Akdamar Solar Illumination Project and highlighting that Ezinc success will continue as always.

About Akdamar Island and Akdamar Church

Short history:

Akdamar island is locating 4 km from coast, 47 km from Van downtown and 7 km from Gevas town. Akdamar island is very important settlement in the area.

In Akdamar island there is a Akdamar church same name with the island. This Church is Armenian church and constructed by Christian preist Manuel, which is supporting by King I.Gagik A.D. 915 and 921.

This church has domed in the center and domed height is 20.40 meter. Around the church wall information from Bible and Torah were draw.

End of 13. century east Chapel was constructed and 1296 other Chapel was constructed on southwest of church. Also, begining of 19. century Bell Dome was constructed entrance of chuch.

About Ezinc

EZINC A.S. is the 5th biggest flat solar collector manufacturer of the world with a 400.000 m2 annual production capacity. Since 1983 Ezinc is manufacturing solar thermal solutions in Kayseri, Turkey according to international standards.

Production facilities are located in mid of Turkey and manufactures under 15.000 sqm covered area. Ezinc has been exporting solar thermal products to 80 countries worldwide. With its huge marketing network, has become the leader of the sector and has a general product range of; solar collectors, thermosiphon solar water heaters, storage tanks, mounting solutions and accessories.

Please, visit www.ezinc.com.tr for more information.

Ezinc Metal San.Tic.A.S.

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38070 Kayseri / Turkey

Tel: +90 352 321 13 21

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e-mail: sales@ezinc.com.tr

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