Heliatek GmbH purchases two Dr. Schenk metrology systems for OPV production line

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Heliatek GmbH, a technological leader of organic photovoltaic modules, has chosen the Dr. Schenk GmbH SolarInspect RollToRoll Metrology Solution for their production line of OPV.

The delivery and integration of the two metrology systems into the first line in Dresden, Germany, is scheduled for mid 2011.

“Dr. Schenk’s metrology solutions will help Heliatek to improve and optimize our process and to guarantee continuous high quality”, says Dr. Martin Pfeiffer, CTO of Heliatek.

The highly flexible OPVs are manufactured in a roll-to-roll process, allowing for more cost-effective production and opening new application fields. OPV is one of the most promising future technologies in the PV industry.

Heliatek’s modular factory line allows for gradual increase of production. In the medium term, Heliatek will focus on growing markets like building integration, large-scale markets such as industrial roofing, and on the automotive industry. In these markets customers will benefit most from the low weight, new form factors and total systems’ cost advantages.

After extensive sample testing and result analysis at Dr. Schenk GmbH in Planegg, Heliatek decided to purchase two SolarInspect RollToRoll Metrology Systems. The key advantage is that these highly adaptable systems can be placed at different positions in the line. This allows the analysis of a number of process steps, which is essential for understanding potentials for improvements and optimizations in Heliatek’s production process.

Dr. Schenk GmbH is the leading provider of inspection and measurement solutions for thin film PV modules of all technologies and generations (CdTe, CIS/CIGS, aSi/µSi, OPV and DCS). More than 70 PV metrology systems are installed worldwide. The company’s expertise and experience were the deciding factors for Heliatek to work with them on this project from the very beginning.

Dr. Schenk is very proud to equip Heliatek’s first OPV production line.

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