Greenscape Announces Geothermal Borehole Work Complete at Denver

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The geothermal system at GP will be used to heat and cool the portion of the parking facility that is indoor and climate controlled.


  • 7 boreholes completed to a depth of 300 feet on each borehole
  • Denver facility has wind, solar, and geothermal incorporated into design

Greenscape Capital Group Inc. is pleased to announce that the geothermal boreholes have been completed at the Denver Greenpark LLC (“GP”) green parking facility.

The geothermal system at GP will be used to heat and cool the portion of the parking facility that is indoor and climate controlled. The indoor experience that customers can expect at GP is weather-protected, climate controlled and hospitality-oriented.

Seven boreholes were drilled onsite, each to a depth of approximately 300 feet. The boreholes were drilled with a 4.75″ bit, and loaded with 1″ diameter high density polyethylene geo loop, and then grouted with thermal enhanced grout. During the heating season, the circulated fluid temperature will drop and during the cooling season, the loop field temperature will be increased. Typical temperatures of the loop field will range between 40 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on weather. The work was completed by Rogers & Sons Inc., based out of Denver, Colorado.

In addition to the geothermal heating and cooling system, other green features at GP include a solar power array and wind turbines for power generation, LED lighting and electric vehicle charging stations.

Greenscape and its operating partner, Propark, are working with a number of green product suppliers to build GP as the world’s greenest parking facility.

About Propark

Propark America is one of the nation’s leading parking companies, providing sustainable parking management and parking-related real estate services across the country. Founded in 1984, Propark has successfully merged green, environmental ideals into daily operations, while preserving the company’s entrepreneurial spirit and unique culture of creative innovation. Propark’s corporate ethos and growing portfolio of diverse properties are transforming the parking industry’s approach to sustainable design, development and operations.

About Greenscape

Greenscape Capital Group increases environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and profitability of companies and their operations. Greenscape Capital owns 100% of Green.Switch Capital, a Canadian based company focused on dramatically increasing the profitability of commercial facilities through enhanced energy efficiency and environmental best practices. When marked opportunities arise, Greenscape also invests in other companies that operate in the environmental space, providing strategic capital and business advisory services to assist companies in achieving their environmental and corporate goals.

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