Greatrex: Hard pressed consumers should not bear the cost of transmission charges

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Ofgem’s consultation on transmission charges.

Commenting following the publication of Ofgem’s consultation on transmission charges, Labour’s Shadow Energy Minister, Tom Greatrex MP said:

“Ofgem’s consultation proposals are welcome. The current regime was designed for a largely pre-renewables world and needed urgent review to reflect the moves to a lower carbon energy mix.

The transmission of energy needs to be paid for – but this should not be at further expense to the already hard pressed consumer. The costs must be met by those who benefit commercially from the transmission network – the Big Six energy companies.

The new regime must be transparent and fair, without deterring renewable generation.

It is vital that Ofgem’s proposals fit into the wider Electricity Market Reform (EMR). That is why we need clarity on the government’s intentions for EMR early in the new year– if we are to achieve the broader low carbon energy mix then that certainty is required as soon as possible.”

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