Ginlong Solis Inverter Powers The World’s Largest Solar Canopy at Shanghai Volkswagen Car Plant

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Ginlong Technologies, one of the oldest and largest string inverter manufacturers, announced today that Ginlong Solis inverters are powering the one of the world largest ground-mount utility-scale solar canopies at Shanghai Volkswagen car plant. Ginlong Solis 36kW string inverter is the Inverter of Choice for this gigantic high profile 55 MW solar canopy for 20,000 parking spaces and the size of about 20 soccer fields.

Ginlong Solis 36kW inverter is the industry’s first 4 (four) MPPT three phase string inverter products, which maximizes the energy harvest  through string level power optimization and data monitoring.  It has outstanding energy yield, thanks to its high efficiency (98.6% peak efficiency) and excellent low irridiation performance for long working hours.  Its ultra wide DC MPPT input voltage range (200V to 800V) and unique string mismatch feature give engineers design flexibilities.  It adopts the latest 1000Vdc design to reduce the balance of system cost and installation cost.  In addition, It can improve the power production by effectively mitigating the adverse impact of variations of the solar panel degradation speeds on the string level power production performance.  Ginlong Solis inverter is compact and light weight with NEMA 4X / IP65 enclosure that is hose down and salt spray tested for outdoor installations virtually at any sites.

Ginlong Solis string inverter solution breaks into the large ground-mount utility scale solar farm market, which is traditionally dominated by the central inverter solutions. Ginlong Solis string inverter offers the unique advantages of high power production, flexible modular design, exact power class matching, and ease of installation and maintenance. More importantly, the customers can relax with a peace of mind for their long term solar plant investments and enjoy the lowest total cost of life time ownership, thanks to Ginlong Solis outstanding reliability and performance.

Established in 2005, Ginlong pioneered the transformer-less string inverter technology in UK.  Ginlong Solis inverter is one of the first to achieve G83 UK certification.  Ginlong embraced quality and reliability into its culture over its 10 years history. Ginlong Solis inverter is the first inverter which is 3rd party tested by DNV GL, the world leading engineering advisory company.  “Ginlong Solis inverter is expected high reliability even in harsh environment, validated by DNV GL 3rd party testing.” Ginlong is one of few vertical integrated inverter manufacturers, from SMT production to aging testing.  Hundreds of Ginlong Solis inverters are produced each day in its highly automated 40,000 square meters facility in Ningbo, China, then shipped all over the world.

As one of the world largest ground mount solar canopy projects, Shanghai Volkswagen Solar Canoply project may inspire some of car owners who had their cars once parked under this gigantic solar canopy to reach for the sky for clean renewable solar energy.

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