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GeoSmart’s New Drill Rig a First in Geothermal Drilling

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The most advanced geothermal drill rig available .

Cambridge, ON – GeoSmart Energy continues to push the envelope on providing cost-effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling solutions with its recent acquisition of the most advanced geothermal drill rig available on the market today. Featuring high efficiency hydraulics and dual rotary capability, the compact DeltaBase 95GT drill rig is a first for manufacturer Boart Longyear which leveraged GeoSmart Energy’s significant geothermal expertise to customize a drill specifically designed for geothermal applications.

“We were very pleased to work in partnership with GeoSmart on the development of the DeltaBase 95GT. The extensive input from GeoSmart Energy CEO Stan Marco and Dave Kiansky at all stages of the project was invaluable in creating a drill rig optimized for geothermal drilling applications,” says Justin Warren, Business Development Manager, Boart Longyear Canada.

The drill rig’s high efficiency hydraulics boost rig performance and deliver more power to the rotary head, while the rig’s compact size enables greater access to confined spaces. A radio remote provides even greater flexibility in tight spaces and safely positions the operator away from the drill hole. Not only will the drill rig increase productivity, it will also decrease operational costs by mobilizing quickly, minimizing fuel consumption.

Sporting GeoSmart Energy’s corporate colours of blue and orange, the eye-catching new drill rig looks markedly different from Boart Longyear’s line of traditionally white drill rigs.

GeoSmart Energy CEO Stan Marco was on hand when the new drill rig made its way off the assembly line in Poland last month.

“I was like a kid in a toy store,” says Marco who is also co-owner and operator of GeoSmart Drilling. “Boart Longyear took the time to work with us to tailor a geothermal drill rig to meet our needs by bringing together our geothermal expertise with their worldwide resources, tools and experiences and the outcome is extraordinary.”

The drill will allow GeoSmart Drilling to provide its Southern Ontario dealers with timely access to experienced, knowledgeable geothermal drilling services for both residential and commercial projects.

“Demand for residential and commercial drilling services has increased dramatically for GeoSmart Energy and our geothermal dealers,” says Marco. “This rig will place us at the forefront in being able to address those needs.”

Source: GeoSmart Energy

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