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4-5 December 2012: Budapest, Hungary.

The GeoPower Europe conference and exhibition is the best-attended geothermal energy conference in Europe and with senior policy makers and industry leaders making participation a priority, this is the most important event in the industry calendar. Join us at GeoPower Europe 2012 to take advantage of this crucial opportunity to make your voice heard as the landscape changes for geothermal energy in Europe.

In a post-Fukushima Europe, policy makers are more focused on geothermal energy than ever and as renewable heating target deadlines get closer, there is justified optimism in the market. Alongside this political attention, however, is the ever-present challenge of securing investment, and policy support frameworks that struggle to counteract the huge up-front risk associated with geothermal exploration.

Take part in GeoPower Europe as the industry works to take advantage of opportunities across Europe and the world.

Confirmed Speakers for 2012 Include:

  • Senior representative, Icelandic Government
  • Pál Kovács, State Secretary, Ministry of National Development, Hungary
  • István Pócs, Chief Executive, Central European Geothermal Energy/ MOL
  • Yusuf Yazar, General Manager, General Directorate of Renewable Energy, Turkey
  • Carlo Minini, Sales Manager, Turboden
  • Guy Macpherson-Grant, Managing Director, EGS Energy
  • Ryan Law, Managing Director, Geothermal Engineering
  • Christian Boissavy, President, French Association of Geothermal Professionals (AFPG)
  • Sven Werner, Professor, Halmstad University, Sweden
  • Larus Hólm, Managing Director, Hungary, Mannvit
  • Dolf Gielen, Director of the Innovation and Technology Center, IRENA
  • Senior representative, Agence Française de Développement
  • Soeren Berg Lorenzen, Managing Director, Danish Geothermal District Heating – read 60 second interview
  • Luca Xodo, Sales Director, Exergy
  • Patrick Weber, Sales Team Leader, Flowserve
  • Luca Perego, Chief Executive Officer, Nooter Erikson
  • Gad Shoshan, Head of Marketing, Ormat
  • Balazs Bokorovics, Chairman, PannErgy
  • Hans Tuenter, Senior Advisor, IF Technology
  • Mark Taylor, Head of Geothermal, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
  • Damien Thiolet, Business Developer, Clean Energy, Cryostar
  • Peter Maiar, Chief Executive Officer, Geo-Energie Suisse
  • Fausto Batini, Managing Director, Magma Energy
  • Philip Rudolf von Rohr, Drilling Expert, Energy Science Center (ESC)

Also featuring:

Pre-conference workshop and site visit sponsored by IF Technology

The workshop will analyse:

• All project stages, the risks associated with each one and how those risks can be minimised.

• How risks can be best communicated to the finance and insurance community to help you secure the investment you need.

With investment the key obstacle to successful geothermal development this is a crucial opportunity to examine a variety of heating case studies and the risk management challenges

they faced. Extensive Q+A gives you the opportunity to bring your own challenges to the event and brainstorm with other attendees.

Post-conference Introduction to Geothermal Energy Economics & Risk training course, brought to you by the Green Power Academy

A comprehensive introduction to factors

Course highlights

• Key contributions to geothermal project cashflow: resources, markets and policies;

• Geothermal project phases, including key cost variables and risks;

• Understanding the economic and risk variables (including technology and exploration risks)

that make geothermal different from other renewable energy sources;

• The market and economic context of geothermal, including competition, external influences and trends;

• Power and/or heat? Economic and financial considerations;

• Trends and future prospects;

• Hear about the challenges as well as the opportunities in an independent, hype-free environment

For more information on the conference, workshop and training course please visit or email

Three easy ways to book:
Tel: +44 (0)20 7099 0600


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