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Friday, September 17, 2021

Geminor secures first RDF export from Iceland

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Geminor has signed a five year contract to export secondary fuels, or RDF, from Iceland to an energy-from-waste (EfW) plant in the Netherlands. The waste will be used as a fuel to produce electricity, steam and heat for industry and district heating. The first shipment will leave Iceland this summer, and regular shipments will commence from October.

According to the agreement, a total of 70 000 tonns of RDF will be exported to the European continent from Iceland in the five years to come. This means that Iceland enters a new era in the management of waste, says Chief Operating Officer at Geminor, Ralf Schöpwinkel.

– Today, all waste on Iceland goes to landfill. This contract means that Iceland now joins many other European countries in making good use of their household waste by sending it to the EU as secondary fuel, says Schöpwinkel.

– This is not only a milestone for Iceland, but also for Geminor as a resource management company. The contract on Iceland is yet another important step in our international expansion process, says Chief Operating Officer at Geminor, Ralf Schöpwinkel.

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