Gamesa secures a contract from GDF SUEZ to upgrade 19 wind turbines in the south of France

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The deal with La Compagnie du Vent includes programmes to enhance turbines' availability and to extend their lifetime.

Madrid, 29 April 2014. Gamesa, a global technology leader in the wind power industry, has landed a contract from La Compagnie du Vent, a wind energy subsidiary of GDF SUEZ, to upgrade 19 wind turbines in the south of France.

The contract includes the frames’ reinforcement as part of the life extension program of the 5 wind turbines of 660kW, the implementation of the algorithm improvement software and the Gamesa premium Availability (GPA) in 14 wind turbines Gamesa 2.0 MW.

This contract bolsters Gamesa’s presence in the operation and maintenance market, a linchpin of the company’s growth potential. Moreover, this activity is a vital tool for creating value associated with the development, availability and profitability of wind energy projects.

Maximise energy output

Gamesa offers high-value-added programmes to maximise energy output, improve availability and reduce O&M costs with the aim of optimising cost of energy (CoE) for its customers.

The wind turbine life-extension program consists of a series of structural reforms and a monitoring system designed to prolong the useful lives of WTGs made by Gamesa and also by other manufacturers beyond that of the original design specifications, thereby guaranteeing the equipment’s safety and availability, enabling control over O&M costs and streamlining the cost of energy.

Meanwhile, Gamesa Premium Availability (GPA) is an ongoing improvement programme geared towards increasing turbine system reliability, curtailing risks and reducing cost of energy. GPA offers a full range of turbine upgrades, from operational and software updates to minor corrective tasks, logistics improvements for major repair work and preventive maintenance solutions. These design and process enhancements maximise turbine availability and can reduce a wind farm’s OPEX (operating expenditure) by up to 10%.

Gamesa (

With a track record stretching back 20 years and installation of close to 29,000 MW in 43 countries under its belt, Gamesa has established itself as a world technology leader in the wind power industry. Its end-to-end value chain presence encompasses wind turbine design, manufacture, installation and operations and maintenance (19,657 MW).

Gamesa is also a global benchmark in the development, construction and sale of wind farms. To date, it has installed almost 6,400 MW and currently boasts a pipeline of 18,300 MW at varying stages of development in Europe, the Americas and Asia.