Gamesa has called upon seventy Technology Centers in Spain to develop sustainable technology projects

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The company will be involved in the development of renewable energy, energy efficiency, mobility and waste to energy projects

Bilbao/Madrid, []

Gamesa and the Spanish Federation of Technology Centers (FEDIT) have launched a new initiative that will enable the company to identify and assess the most innovative sustainable technology projects in the market within a short period of time – between February and March.

The formula, which represents a new model of collaboration between researchers and companies, consists of jointly calling upon the almost seventy Technology Centers that form part of the FEDIT to submit projects connected with the renewable energy, energy efficiency, mobility and waste to energy sectors, which will subsequently be analyzed.

Gamesa will assess these projects’ interest and select the ones it considers relevant for their possible application in the market. From that point on, collaboration formulas between Gamesa and the technology center selected will be put forward to develop the project.

Placing a wager on Spanish innovation and its application in the market

“The formula is novel because, for the very first time in Spain, we will make an overall call for submissions to gain access the most cutting-edge technological developments in renewable energies, the market at which our innovation strategy is targeted”, explained Carlos Urueña, the Company’s Strategy and Business Development Manager. “This is also why Gamesa has chosen the FEDIT, as it has been working in this field for decades”.

Gamesa’s involvement will be very significant. Pablo Márquez de Prado, Head of Gamesa’s Strategic Projects, added, “our intention is to accompany these initiatives’ growth through a detailed Business Plan in order to build bridges between the R&D being conducted by researchers and the industrial market’s real needs by providing advice on future commercial applications and placing Gamesa’s network in Spain and others markets, such as the USA, India and China, at the projects’ disposal”.

Renewable energies, technological efficiency, mobility and waste to energy

Gamesa will support the development of projects requiring a prototype (“seed” projects), as well as projects already having an approved prototype that need industrial and commercial development.

The initiative is aimed at projects in segments the Company is mainly interested in such as: renewable energies (photovoltaic solar energy, thermosolar energy, marine energy, geothermal energy and energy storage), the integration of renewable energies into the electricity grid, energy efficiency in industry and service companies, mobility and waste to energy.

Each technology center interested in this initiative will send the FEDIT as many initiatives as it may consider suitable, highlighting the solution to be developed, the size of the market and customers at which it is aimed, the competitive edge the initiative’s success would provide, its main market competitors, the business model to be developed to make the solution or product reach the market, the management equipment involved, and the necessary financing and its distribution over time.

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