Game Changing Solar Technology will Exhibit at Renewable Energy Rodeo and Symposium

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On June 8, 2010 SunPods, Inc will introduce the U.S. Army to an efficient and game changing new way to go solar.

(openPR) – SunPods of San Jose, CA. will exhibit at the Renewable Energy Rodeo and Symposium to showcase the latest innovation in renewable energy – a full solar array that requires no on-site construction and can be powered up on delivery.

The SunPods concept is simple. No more construction hassles or delays. SunPods are shipped from the factory fully assembled and pre-tested. Just position the array, plug it in and power it up. It’s a solar solution that would allow the U.S. Military to go solar fast.

New mandates created by Congress require the armed forces must receive 25 percent of their power from renewable sources by 2025. In the past, meeting these new goals with solar would be difficult. A non-SunPods ground mounted solar system takes months of preparation with design, permitting, and installation. That’s time and hassles the military could avoid by using SunPods.

“Recently we modified our SP-100 and created two new military products for global deployment to even the most remote location. The SunPods Solar Energy Export Kit (SEEK),™ is a pre-packaged, containerized solar array and the Solar Remote Integrated Power Platform (SRIPP)™ which provides reliable primary or stand-by power for remote forward-base installations.” said Michael Gumm, Executive Vice President & Co-Founder of Sun Pods Inc.

SunPods are modular power units. Each SunPods SP-100 provides approximately 2.5 kW of power. They are easily scalable to meet utility-scale power needs or smaller distributed generation on base.

Environmental impact is minimal with a SunPods unit. Other ground mounted solar systems require ground penetrations, concrete pours, and leveling. SunPods are self-ballasted, using their own weight to secure them in place. The only disruption is the tire tracks left behind.

Built in a factory to a standardized cost-saving design just like the first Model T, SunPods are more reliable, higher quality product unmatched by traditional site-built solar arrays.

SunPods are versatile with individually adjustable legs that conform to the landscape. SunPods have heavy-duty galvanized steel frames with pre-mounted solar modules that are durable enough to stand up to adverse conditions.

“SunPods can be ordered with a new advanced shock and impact resistant polymer surfaced solar panels, military grade inverters, and lightweight high power Lithium battery technology. These PV panels have optimal long-term reliable performance in harsh and challenging terrain for mission critical deployments.” said Dan Jaeger, President and Co-Founder of Sun Pods Inc.

About SunPods Inc.

SunPods is the innovator and manufacturer of SunPods Solar Smart Technology Systems™. It is the world’s first factory to project, modular solar array power platform for permanent placement. It means less money, less time, and less hassle to go solar.

About The Renewable Energy Rodeo and Symposium

The Renewable Energy Rodeo and Symposium is the first of its kind. The Army will host mature technologies and innovations in renewable energy and alternative fuel technologies industries. Panelists and guest speakers will include some of the nation’s top experts in these fields and technologies.

We at SunPods™ have watched as solar technologies continued to evolve while solar installation practices remain the same.
The knowledge and experience we gained from our years in the solar and the building and roofing industries, gave us the vision to create the new solar innovations, which we call SunPods™.
The importance of meeting construction budgets, installation schedules, array commissioning deadlines and reaching specific power output goals cannot be overstressed.
Failure to meet specific project goals and deadlines can result in severe financial losses and penalties. Current solar project methods continue to be inefficient with uncertain economic and performance outcomes.
SunPod’s Solar Smart Technologies™ provide contractors, owners, solar developers, solar integrators and solar financers with efficient solar power performance and power on demand solutions, eliminating the cost, scheduling and performance uncertainties found in many current solar
installation systems.

Liz Frantz
Marketing Associate
SunPods Inc
1922 The Alameda, Ste. 214
San Jose, CA 95126

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