Full Phase-Out of the PM/PMLX Valve Range by November 1st, 2013

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The ICV Flexline™ platform is a superior product in every way.

Customers will benefit from the ICV Flexline™ range instead
Since 2004, Danfoss has produced and marked a more modern valve type to replace the PM valve – the ICS valve from the ICV Flexline™ platform. And with the recent introduction of ICLX two-step solenoid valve the ICV Flexline™ platform is complete and a full substitute for the PM platform.

The ICV Flexline™ platform is a superior product in every way and with a complete range of valves consisting of: ICS (pilot), ICLX (two-step solenoid) and ICM (motorized) valves we believe the ICV Flexline platform is ready to replace the old PM platform. As a result, the announced phase-out of the PM/PMLX valves is now a reality.

In 2011, Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration announced the phase-out of the PM valve range by November 1st, 2013. As this date is coming closer we are increasing attention to the transition phase. We have therefore developed a small brochure highlighting the benefits the customers will experience with the ICV Flexline™ platform. You can also read it via the below link.

Even though we stop the sales of complete PM/PMLX valves by the 1st of November 2013, you will of course still be able to buy spare parts in order to service the PM/PMLX valves you have installed in systems today.

Tried and Tested
Although the PM valve range has been in service for many years and has been the trusted technology for many of our customers, the technological development has rendered it obsolete in many applications. The phase-out of the PM/PMLX valves has been planned since 2011. In fact, the ICS valve, which is the valve to replace the PM, has been in production since 2004. Currently, some 90,000 ICS valves have been sold since the introduction, and the benefits for customers have been documented extensively.

Benefits for the Customers
The ICS/ICLX/ICM valves will offer customers a number of clear benefits, chief among which are:

  • Direct welded valve housing featuring both ICS (pilot), ICLX (two-step) and ICM (motorized) operated valves
  • 52 bar pressure approval in the temperature range -60°C to +120°C
  • Approved for ammonia, CO2 and other non-flammable refrigerants
  • Balanced design & optimised flow
  • Reduced service cost
  • Improved system performance and reliability
  • 80 % reduced leak risk thanks to magnetic coupling and no dynamic sealing
  • Complete product programme
  • Modular design
  • Clever simplicity, advanced flexibility and timesaving efficiency

To make it as easy for you, to find the right ICV valve, we have made a cross reference list, where you can see, which ICV valve replaces the old PM/PMLX valve. You can find a link to this list at the end of this news. There we have also collected some other direct links to literature on our website, which you might find relevant.

You can also read more about the whole Flexline™ concept of flexible valves for Industrial Refrigeration on the below link or go directly to the dedicated sites for the products in the Flexline™ family.