Fuel Cell Shipment to Explode in Near Future

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The global cumulative fuel cell shipments are anticipated to increase at a CAGR of around 68% during 2010-2012, says RNCOS its research report.

The emission-free fuel cell technology, which is yet to be commercialized on a wider scale, will be one of the most promising alternative sources of energy in near future. The fuel cell market holds a promise of its successful launch and acceptance in the long-term given the fact that, the number of installations of fuel cell units in different parts of the world, mainly in Europe, has been consistently rising. As per our research report “Fuel Cell Industry Analysis”, the fuel cell shipments are expected to grow at a CAGR of over 68% during 2010-2012.

Our study reveals that the main factor, which has fuelled growth in the fuel cell market, is the extensive government support. Various governments across the world are heavily investing on the development of advanced fuel cells and are also providing incentives and subsidies on the usage of fuel cells. We have also found that the demand for fuel cells is surging in the telecom sector. To cut down emissions, companies are switching to renewable sources of energy for their power requirements such as, fuel cells.

In this regard, our report provides an analysis on the factors that will drive growth in the fuel cell industry. It has analyzed the industry’s performance by application and research and developments. We have further studied transportation, stationary and portables under application. An analysis on key markets has also been included in our report including the United States, Canada, Korea, Japan, India, China, Germany, Denmark, and South Africa.

“Fuel Cell Industry Analysis” also highlights certain issues, which need to be taken care of like debate on using hydrogen as fuel in the fuel cell technology due to high cost of extracting hydrogen from its principal sources, etc. Our study also provides an insight on types of fuel cells. It has also included a patent review at the global level. In addition, our report has analyzed the key players of the industry.

For more on this report visit: http://www.rncos.com/Report/IM102.htm

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