Fronius UK to present products that bring us closer to 24 hours of sun

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Solar Energy UK 2014 in October will see Fronius UK presenting products and solutions that have enabled another significant step towards 24 hours of sun – the company’s vision for the future of energy supply.

SnapINverter – innovation meets a standardised installation experience
With its new SnapINverter generation of inverters covering a power range of 1.5 – 20 kW, Fronius offers a standardised user experience with its unique hinged system which ensures unrivalled set-up speeds. System planning and system monitoring are both future-proof and user-friendly as standard.

Fronius Symo Hybrid – the individual storage solution
The new Symo Hybrid three phase inverter from Fronius is an optimum storage solution forming an integral part of the 24 hours of sun vision. Unused energy from a PV system is stored in a battery, resulting in maximum self-consumption and maximum energy independence. Even in the event of a power failure, the power supply can be maintained. With its modular structure, the inverter allows flexible upgrading and expansion of the storage unit.

Decades of experience (within the Fronius Battery Charging Division) of battery charging systems has ensured the development of a quality storage solution using high performance lithium technology.

Product developments for commercial projects
Fronius will showcase their new central inverter, the transformerless Agilo TL, in the 360 kVA and 460 kVA power categories.  Ideal for use in large installations, its impressive features include ease of installation, ease of maintenance and very high yields. Transport and operating costs are minimised thanks to the smart system design and compact dimensions.

Fronius Smart Meter – The tool for optimising self-consumption
For the first time in the UK, Fronius will present the bidirectional meter for recording power consumption. Thanks to its highly accurate measurements and rapid communication technology the Fronius Smart Meter features fast and dynamic feed-in control and, in conjunction with the Fronius Solar.web online portal, gives a clear overview of self-consumption.

Fronius Datamanager 2.0 – The communications centre for Fronius inverters
The new Fronius Datamanager is a revolutionary 4 step set-up and commissioning wizard. No longer is experience necessary to commission this comprehensive device.
The Datamanager sends PV system values directly to the Fronius Solar.web online portal via WLAN and also allows inverters to be seamlessly linked to third-party systems.

More to come in 2015…

Fronius UK will also be releasing a new, single phase SnapINverter in early 2015. This transformlerless inverter, the Fronius Primo, is a highly communicative inverter for optimised energy management available in power categories ranging from 3.6 to 8.2 kW and is particularly well suited to households with odd shaped and uneven roofs. To complement the new communicative range of inverters, Fronius has also announced the launch of pro and premium versions of their web-based application, Solar.web. Premium features include advanced monitoring of power consumptions, a comprehensive analysis of self-consumption, detailed monitoring at MPP tracker level, customised reports and an easy data export function.

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