First Conergy PowerPlus Plant in the North America Installed at Fujifilm in Hawaii

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Solar Company strengthens international presence with own components.

  • 1,455 Conergy PowerPlus Modules installed on the roof of the Fujifilm branch in Oahu, Hawaii
  • With the plant, Fujifilm realizes substantial cost benefits for branch’s electricity requirements
  • Ambitious climate targets: By 2030, Hawaii aims to cover 70% of its power needs with Renewables
  • American solar growth market: Experts expect about 40% yearly growth until 2013

Honolulu / Hamburg, 11 May 2011 – The Hamburg-based system manufacturer, Conergy, reinforces its presence in the North American growth market with its first solar power system in North America equipped with its own premium modules manufactured in Germany. The 320 kilowatt solar plant that Conergy developed with its Hawaiian partner 21st Century is located on the roof top of Fujifilm’s branch office in Oahu.

Conergy introduced the Conergy PowerPlus Premium modules to the U.S. market last year. Now, 1,455 Conergy PowerPlus modules on the roof top of the Fujifilm branch will produce 483,391 kilowatt hours of clean solar energy annually from the Hawaiian sun. According to Fujifilm, with this installation, Fujifilm will realize a substantial cost savings on its current energy usage. The reduction of CO2 emissions will be by 1.11 million lbs per year, which is equivalent to powering 66 households per year.

Green Investor: Fujifilm focuses on energy conservation and the environment

Globally committed to sustainability, Fujifilm has a Greenhouse gas target set at 30% reduction in CO2 emissions by Fiscal Year 2020, as compared to 2005. In an effort to bring down costs while keeping its corporate commitment to sustainability, Fujifilm chose to install Conergy’s premium module, PowerPlus, on its Hawaiian branch office – which will be one of the top ten largest systems in Oahu, Hawaii.

“This project began in response to a corporate mission of energy conservation and Greenhouse gas reduction, but it also will help us realize significantly reduced energy costs. The combination of Conergy PowerPlus modules, along with 21st Century’s unique proposal, will make us virtually energy independent,” said Ray Hosoda, President and CEO, FUJIFILM North America Corporation.“With the urgency and concern about saving the environment and resources, this project is especially important to Fujifilm as we do our part in helping to preserve the lush, beautiful surroundings in which we work and live.”

The plant on the roof top of Fujifilm is the first joint project for Conergy and its local partner 21st Century – more are to follow: “We chose the Conergy PowerPlus module because of its unique engineering and durability profile,” said Myron Thomson, CEO at 21st Century. “Through its longevity, durability and the extensive guarantees, they provide consistently high yields – even after many years of exposure to Hawaii’s prevailing weather conditions, often with strong winds and salty sea air. Sustainable action also means permanent existence, this way, the PowerPlus modules with their excellent test results fit into the picture perfectly. The Fujifilm project is just the beginning – together with Conergy, we are already looking forward to making the island even greener in the future.”

Solar Champion Hawaii on the path to a solar future

The prospects for the new solar partnership are good: On average, 6 hours of sunshine a day and a high irradiation of about 800 w/m2, make the Hawaiian surfer’s paradise to one of the most attractive solar locations worldwide and allow solar power system owners the highest yields. Moreover, the shift in thinking toward clean energy production has already taken place.

“Hawaii is already a solar champion and will expand further in this area,” said Carl Campagna, Conergy Account Manager on Hawaii. “By 2030, Hawaii wants to cover 70% of the island’s energy requirements with renewable energy sources. Due to harsh weather conditions, quality and durability also play a major role on the island. We are very happy, that Fujifilm has decided to use our premium modules. We intend to follow up on this success and increase our commitment to the islands.”

Experts in other regions of North America also see great growth in renewable energies and thus also for solar energy.For example, U.S. President Barack Obama recently explained in his State of the Nation address that the USA wants to cover 80% of its energy requirements with renewable energy sources. Solar energy is to play a significant part in this, with experts predicting solar power production to increase by 40% annually until 2013. Contrary to European subsidy models, there is no nationwide Feed-in tariff program, but there are regional programs with significant tax benefits (Federal Tax Credits) and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

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