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First Corporate Car Sharing Insurance from Zurich (additional module for electric vehicles)

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fleetster and Zurich Insurance develop a special insurance package suitable for corporate fleets and business parks with an extra module for electric vehicles.

Munich, February 13 2014: The web-based corporate car sharing software fleetster is well accepted in the market. “The use of vehicles for private trips is an interesting tool for companies to motivate their employees,” says Tim Ruhoff, founder of fleetster by Next Generation Mobility. “Thanks to a transparent documentation of each ride, there is no tax issue, but we were often asked for a suitable insurance.” Together with the district directorate Detlev Knoll, fleetster has refined a product of Zurich Insurance that even goes a step further than these requirements.

Several companies can share vehicles

Corporate car sharing is a mobility solution, which allows for multiple drivers to take pool vehicles of a specific company. With the new solution companies are in a position to share cars amongst each other. “When the cars are used for private purposes, this is normally not covered by the insurance,” explains Detlev Knoll, who has introduced the first insurance solution for electric cars to the market. “Given that more and more people do without their own cars, mobility requires more flexibility. Insurance solutions have to adapt to this trend.”

Details of the insurance solution

In the scope of the insurance amongst others, the private use of pool vehicles by employees is specified, as well the common usage of vehicles in company networks and the possibility to rent the car to third parties, for example in business parks. Attractive conditions for new cars will be available.

An extra-module for electric vehicles helps to leverage their advantages for business car sharing: high utilisation even allows for cost-savings in comparison to traditional cars.

About fleetster and Next Generation Mobility

Next Generation Mobility was founded in 2010 with the objective to bring efficiency to corporate fleets and fundamentally change corporate mobility. The key product “fleetster” is a cloud based integrated software, which reduces costs of corporate fleets through an improved vehicle utilization. In addition, fleetster’s efficient booking and administration process allows for enormous time-savings throughout the organization.


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