Finland's greenhouse gas emissions fall again

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Finland’s total greenhouse gas emissions have fallen drastically, and last year were at their lowest level since 1990, according to the national statistics office.

Preliminary data from Statistics Finland shows that total greenhouse gas emissions in 2012 amounted to 61.4 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, an eight per cent drop on the previous year.

Greenhouse gas emissions have fallen to a 22 year low says Statistics Finland

The energy sector’s emissions decreased by around nine per cent. This was mainly due to reduced consumption of coal and peat and increased net imports of electricity.

Last year, emissions coming under the emissions trading scheme fell by about 16 per cent from 2011.

In sectors outside the emissions trading scheme, such as the use of fuel in heating of buildings and transport, as well as agriculture and waste management, the reduction in emissions amounted to only about one per cent.

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