Festive fry-ups feed the grid!

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Renewable energy company Living Fuels and Kent County Council are urging people to make their festive waste environmentally friendly by recycling leftover cooking oil after Christmas.

The cooking oil from roasts, chips and fry-ups is turned into a green bioliquid by Living Fuels, which is used to power generators that feed into the National Grid.

Waste cooking oil can be dropped off at collection tanks at household waste recycling centres around the county. Just one litre of waste cooking oil, about a third of what is used in an average chip pan, can make enough clean, green electricity to make 240 cups of tea.

So far this year, Kent residents have already taken enough used cooking oil to make five million cups of tea.

Recycling waste cooking oil also helps to prevent damage to drains and sewers, reducing the risk of expensive repair bills.

Bryan Sweetland, Cabinet Member for Environment, Highways and Waste at Kent County Council, said: “Thank you to all the Kent residents who have taken their waste cooking oil to the county’s recycling centres this year. Please continue to dispose of waste cooking oil responsibly and help transform waste into clean, green energy.”

“Remember you can also recycle other festive items, from Christmas cards to glass bottles and jars, as well as batteries and old electrical equipment at Kent’s household waste recycling centres.”

Source: Living Fuels

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