Evoco 10 small-scale wind turbine achieves MCS accreditation

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Evoco Energy’s Evoco 10 qualifies for Feed-in-Tariffs (FITs) under the UK Government’s clean energy scheme.


Evoco Energy, the specialist in small-scale wind turbine technology, today announced that the Evoco 10 has achieved Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accreditation. Evoco’s next-generation 10kW small-scale wind turbine is capable of producing an energy yield worth up to £14,000 per annum to landowners in rural areas, potentially delivering payback on the initial investment in less than four years. It underwent stringent testing over ten months to become only one of seven wind turbines to currently be MCS-accredited, and therefore eligible for Feed-in-Tariffs (FITs) under the UK Government’s clean energy scheme.

MCS is a necessary quality stamp for microgeneration products, such as small wind turbines and roof top solar panels, and gives customers the assurance that the products they are purchasing meet the rigorous standards set by MCS testing bodies. MCS certification is a pre-requisite for microgeneration installations looking to benefit from FITs. Introduced in April last year, this scheme requires energy suppliers to make regular payments to householders and communities who generate their own electricity from renewable or low carbon sources.

“MCS certification is a major achievement for Evoco, and the inclusion of our turbine at a highly competitive price will provide a massive boost for the UK’s microgeneration market,” said Ryan Gill, managing director, Evoco Energy. “By proving our technology against the stringent requirements of the MCS accreditation process, Evoco joins a select few wind turbine manufacturers to make the grade. Our customers can be assured of the Evoco 10’s performance and expect it to deliver an excellent return on investment. What’s more, the Government’s FIT scheme is making small wind a more attractive and lucrative prospect for farmers and landowners, who are recognising that microgeneration is not only an excellent way to support green initiatives and reduce their energy costs, but also to generate significant additional income.”

As of January 2011, the list of small-scale wind turbine designs available on the MCS website was culled from more than one hundred with transitional, but incomplete accreditation status and eligibility for Clean Energy Cashback payments, to just five manufacturers with products fully-accredited under much stricter guidelines. The addition of the Evoco 10 to this list confirms Evoco Energy as an industry leader in small-scale wind turbine technology, and ensures customers are able to select a product that has already been proven and tested, with more than 50 active sites across the UK, and many more installations in the pipeline.

“Our factory had to be audited, and test sites were required, with more than 600,000 data points scrutinised by the authority,” Gill continues. “The Evoco 10 was subject to a rigorous assessment of stress and load, performance, structural integrity, noise and a full factory audit, and we are proud to have achieved a running time of 99.96 per cent. This is considerably higher than many competitors certified under MCS, and means that the Evoco 10 is the only product to come out of testing with an official estimated energy payback higher than initially forecast.”

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