Eurotron opens their Competence Center for back contact module technology.

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The Dutch equipment manufacturer Eurotron ( opens the world first Competence Center for back contact module technology in Bleskensgraaf, the Netherlands.

The Eurotron Competence Center is capable for lab-, test- and pre-production of all sorts of back contact solar PV modules.

Although the exact amount of Eurotron’s investment is not disclosed, a view in the Competence Center presupposes that a significant investment has been done.

Bram Verschoor, Eurotron’s Chief Commercial Officer mentiones: ‘today, a long dream has come true. Already a couple of years, we recognized the need to support clients, institutes, projects like the Dutch TKI program and material suppliers with a state-of-the-art test facility. This will lower the treshold to perform tests and pre-production of back contact solar PV modules’.

Eurotron recognized the need to support clients with technical, proces and material knowlegde. They dedicated a team of experienced and skilled engineers to assist all users of the Competence Center, safeguarding their interest and confidentiality.

Eurotron can be proud on their result: a versatile Competence Center, capable to produce various sorts of modules out of different back contact cells, such as MWT, IBC, HJ-BC and all future back contact cells.
‘The Competence Center is a milestone for us and it will be a great help to all global clients and institutes who want to learn more about back contact modules’.

With a big smile Bram Verschoor is ending his lecture on the Eurotron Competence Center: ‘Eurotron is proud to open the world’s first Competence Center for back contact modules. All interested institues and companies are invited to contact us and find out how Eurotron’s Competence Center can support them ….’

Eurotron Company profile:
Eurotron is a leading Solar company offering equipment for manufacturing of back contact solar PV modules. Established in the Netherlands in 2005, Eurotron developed the back contact manufacturing process and equipment in close cooperation with global leading scientific institutes and tier-1 clients.

Eurotron combines equipment development & manufacturing know-how with an in depth knowledge of solar PV modules.

Having the Levelized costs of Electricity as a crucial decision driver, Eurotron offers a broad expertise to their clients, helping them to boost PV module performance while reducing production costs.

This ongoing research resulted in the reduction of the cell-to-module losses to a negligible level.
Modules, produced on Eurotron’s equipment have passed comprehensive accelerated lifetime testing and showed best-in-class results.

Eurotron’s equipment offers a platform for current available technologies like MWT, but are prepared for upcoming solar cell technologies such as EWT, HJBC and IBC cells.