European Solar Photovoltaic Market Report 2009

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At the end of 2008, the cumulative global installed capacity of

solar PV systems reached 15 gigawatts growing by more than 50% during

the year. Roughly 90% of this generating capacity consists of grid-tied

electrical systems. Europe maintained it’s positioned as the global

leader with strong growth coming from Spanish market which added about

2.5GW of new capacity in 2008. Financial incentives, such as

preferential feed-in tariffs for solar-generated electricity and net

metering, have supported solar PV installations in many countries in

the Europe.

The report European Solar Photovoltaic Market (2009) analyzes this

industry, starting from the basics to what is driving this industry.

The report starts off with a brief overview of the European energy

market which contains data on European energy statistics, outlook for

the industry, the growing focus on renewable energy, and of course, the

potential of solar energy in the region. The report then moves on the

discussing the basic technology behind solar photovoltaics. The section

looks at PV cells and modules, inverters, the various components of a

PV system, and the various types of PV systems available today.

Moving on to the European photovoltaic industry, the report analyzes

the entire PV market in terms of application area, global as well as

European PV production statistics, and the future potential of solar

photovoltaics. Strategies and recommendations for researchers,

analysts, and in general, is a highlight of this section of the report.

A brief cost analysis of solar photovoltaics in Europe is also done

based on types of PV applications. Estimates for current and future PV

generation costs are also provided.

The report then analyses each of the major European PV markets one

by one. Countries covered in this segment are – Austria, Denmark,

France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden,

Switzerland, United Kingdom and New EU Member States including Czech

Republic, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Poland and Romania among others.

For each of these countries we have covered the PV production and

installation statistics, policy structure, recent R&D initiatives

and future potential of the market.

Further, leading PV companies in Europe are discussed, which include

Aleo Solar, Q-Cells, Scheuten Solar, Siemens, Solarworld and Isofoton

among others. Primary solar photovoltaic projects, and PV plants, such

as the Solar Park in Beneixama, the Solar Power Plant in Saarbrucken

Airport, etc., are also profiled, along with statistical data, in this

research report.

Key Topics Covered:

I. Executive Summary

II. European Energy Market

III. Solar Pv – Basic Technology

IV. European Photovoltaic Market

V. Key European Pv Markets

VI. Major Solar Pv Companies

VII. Solar Pv Projects / Plants

VIII. Future Of European Pv Markets

IX. Appendix And Glossary

Companies Mentioned:

– Aleo Solar

– Aplicaciones Tecnicas de las Energia (ATERSA)

– Centrosolar Group AG

– Ersol

– Isofoton S.A.

– Photowatt International SA

– Photowatt Technologies

– Q-Cells AG


– Romag Ltd.

– Scheuten Solar

– Scheuten Solar Systems BV


– Siemens Solar

– Solar-Fabrik AG

– Solaria Energia y Medio Ambiente, S.A.

– Solarwatt AG

– Solarworld AG

– Solon SE


– Wacker Schott Solar GmbH


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