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ET Solar Announces Completion of 9.6MW of PV Plants in Germany

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ET Solar Group Corp. ("ET Solar"), one of the global leading solar PV one-stop solution providers, today announces completion of two ground-mounted PV power plants in Germany with total installed capacity of over 9.6MW.

The plants are both ground mounted and are 4MW and 5.6MW by size. They are located in Oberröblingen, 100 kilometers west of Leipzig, and Rätzlingen, 100 kilometers from Hamburg respectively. ET Solutions AG, ET Solar’s wholly owned subsidiary, performed full engineering, procurement and construction tasks with all PV modules sourced from ET Solar’s China plant.

Mr. Dennis She, President and Chief Executive Officer of ET Solar, commented: “We are very pleased that our business relationship in the past three years has evolved so strongly and we look forward to further growing with Wattner with the solid track record we have built up.”

Mr. Guido Ingwer, Managing Partner of Wattner, added: “Our relationship with ET Solar in the past few years has been more than satisfactory and the firm has really proven to be an excellent partner that provides both strong EPC services. We look forward to working with ET Solar to develop more large scale PV projects in the future.”

About ET Solar

ET Solar is one of the global leading solar one-stop solution providers. With local sales and marketing subsidiaries and offices in Asia, Europe, and North America, ET Solar has provided solar modules, turnkey solutions services and PV balance of system components to its customers in over 50 countries. To learn more about ET Solar, visit http://www.etsolar.com.

About Wattner

Wattner finances power plants for renewable energies with an emphasis on solar power. The company is the only engineer-run issuing house with the most megawatt solar parks in Germany. To learn more about Wattner, visit http://www.wattner.de/.

Source: ET Solar

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