EPIA welcomes the new project CHEETAH

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Since January 2014 and for 48 months, the CHEETAH project focuses on cost reduction through material optimisation and higher energy output of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules, joining Europe’s R&D efforts and EPIA’s strong involvement in support of its PV industry.

The CHEETAH project has three main objectives:

  • To develop new concepts and technologies for wafer-based crystalline silicon PV (modules with ultra-thin cells), thin-film PV (advanced light management) and organic PV (very low-cost barriers), resulting in (strongly) reduced cost of materials and increased module performance
  • To foster long-term European cooperation in the PV R&D sector, through the organisation of workshops, trainings of researchers and the efficient use of infrastructures
  • To accelerate the implementation of innovative technologies in the PV industry

CHEETAH’s ambition is to develop technology and foster manufacturing capabilities so that Europe can regain and build up own manufacturing capacity in all parts of the value chain in due time.

Source: EPIA